Skyscanner names best international travel bloggers

A Russian travel blogger has snagged the award for best photo blog in Skyscanner’s inaugural Travel Bloscars 2013 competition.

For his “big, crips photos and stunning winter landscapes,” Sergey Dolya edged into the top spot.

In his bio, Dolya says he aims to parachute viewers into the destinations with him and tell a story that goes beyond standard tourist shots.

Here are the winners of the Travel Bloscars 2013:

Best Male Blogger: Una Vida en Mil Viajes, Spain

A young globetrotter studying social and cultural anthropology at the University of Barcelona who developed a wanderlust early in his life thanks to the Adventures of Tintin and his natural curiosity.

Best Female Blogger: Just Travelous, Germany

In 2012, travel blogger Yvonne from Germany visited 14 countries and provided a variety of multimedia content for her blog including photos and video which Bloscar judges described as “very interesting content” with a personal angle to each story.

Best Newcomer: Flora the Explorer, UK

Penned by Briton Flora, what started as a lark became a life mission to visit every continent more than once by the time she turned 31. Last month, the travel blogger moved to Ecuador to teach English for five months. Judges describe her site as being “far from the typical flight and hotel review blog,” giving voice to the people and cities she meets along the way.

Best Photo Blog: Sergey Dolya, Russia

Users' Choice: Lakwatsero, Philippines

Noted for being “very informative and detailed,” this blog by Angel Juarez is more of a travel guide than personal anecdote.

Winners received €600 worth of flights.