Will Smith Reveals the Craziest Thing He Did on ‘Bad Boys’: ‘Safety 3rd Was Our Motto’ | Video

The “Bad Boys” set mottos have changed quite a bit between the first film and “Bad Boys: Ride or Die,” according to Will Smith.

When asked about training for the action scenes, Smith told Jimmy Fallon on “The Tonight Show” that the motto now is “safety first,” but that wasn’t the case for the original.

“That’s probably the biggest difference between ‘Bad Boys’ One and Two and ‘Bad Boys’ Four,” Smith said. “We’re very careful. Safety first. It used to be safety third. Safety third was our motto on the set for ‘Bad Boys’ one.”

Fallon followed up asking the craziest thing Smith and co-star Martin Lawrence did across the entire “Bad Boys” franchise. Lawrence reminds Smith of a specific car stunt he had to do in “Bad Boys 2.”

“We were doing this scene on the causeway in ‘Bad Boys 2’ where they’re throwing the cars off the thing,” Smith began. “We go up the causeway and when you get to the top of the causeway it’s a downhill on the other side, and we had a camera on the side of the car. I wanted it to be real so I get it up to about 120, 125, 130 and I’m punching it and we hit the top of the causeway and we get a little bit airborne, but the camera rig is on the side so it’s coming down on an angle.”

Smith continued, “I hit with one wheel and I have no braking and we’re coming up to cars behind us and it’s like I’m trying to stop, trying to stop, trying to stop. It hits down and right at the last second I brake probably about 20 yards from slamming me and Martin.”

“And I’m on the passenger side and that’s when I knew I needed a diaper,” Lawrence said.

“Bad Boys: Ride or Die” hits theaters on Friday, June 7. TheWrap reviewer Matt Goldberg said there was still plenty of life in the franchise.

As “Bad Boys: Ride or Die” moved through its first act, I worried that the guys might not have the juice anymore. If your smooth-talking ladies’ man Mike Lowrey is settling down and the uptight and anxious Marcus Burnett is having a heart attack, isn’t that an acknowledgement that they might be too old for this shit? But by the time we get to the film’s big action climax (sadly not as big as invading Cuba from “Bad Boys II,” but still good), I was hooting and hollering at the madness up on screen.

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