SMRT station manager suspended after train moves off with door open

PHOTO: Reddit/u/novajimster, Twitter/Hady_Matynn
PHOTO: Reddit/u/novajimster, Twitter/Hady_Matynn

An SMRT station manager has been suspended, after a northbound train at Ang Mo Kio MRT station was allowed to move off with one of its doors still open on Monday evening (11 March).

In response to Yahoo News Singapore‘s queries, SMRT Vice-President of Corporate Communications Margaret Teo said that the train stopped after travelling around 200 metres and returned to Ang Mo Kio station, where all commuters disembarked safely. The train was then withdrawn from service.

Investigations showed the incident was down to an “error” by the station manager, added Teo. At the time of the incident, he was inside the train, attempting to fix a door fault at the door in question.

The manager then kept commuters away from the door, while in-train announcements were made to tell commuters to keep clear of the door area and hold on to grip poles.

“We have suspended the station manager with immediate effect. Safety is our top priority. We are sorry that this incident happened,” said Teo.

SMRT did not respond to queries on how long the station manager has been with SMRT, or whether disciplinary action would be taken against him.

The incident came to light following social media posts by commuters on the train, including a Reddit post by u/novajimster on Monday.

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