‘SNL’: Jerry Seinfeld Admits He Did Too Much Press for Pop-Tarts Movie ‘Unfrosted,’ Calls Out Ryan Gosling | Video

Jerry Seinfeld hit “Saturday Night Live” and the “Weekend Update” desk on Saturday night, introduced not by name, but by Colin Jost as “A Man Who Did Too Much Press,” complete with an on-screen graphic with that as Seinfeld’s sole identifier. But while it may have seemed like he was about to address his recent controversial comments about so-called woke culture, including complaining about “P.C. crap” and the “extreme left” ruining comedy, he shot his shots elsewhere — including calling out Ryan Gosling for doing too many interviews promoting “The Fall Guy.”

Jost opened by introducing the segment with, “Well, guys, oftentimes when an actor is promoting a new movie — let’s say a Netflix movie — they have to do a lot of press. Sometimes too much press. Here to comment is A Man Who Did Too Much Press.”

It’s then revealed that the man in question, at least the one sitting next to Jost at the “Weekend Update” desk for a desk bit, is Jerry Seinfeld. He has done numerous interviews (including one with TheWrap!) promoting his Netflix faux Pop-Tarts origin story, “Unfrosted,” which he directed, cowrote and stars in.

Appearing haggard and a bit dazed, Seinfeld began, “Where am I exactly?” After Jost explained that he was on “Weekend Update,” Seinfeld responded, “What is this, a podcast?” Jost clarified, “No, no, you’re on ‘Saturday Night Live.'”

“Oh, on live TV. Oh my god. I’ve got to stop,” a drained Seinfeld responded. “Yeah, you’ve kind of been everywhere,” Jost added — Seinfeld agreed.

The two then briefly argued about whether or not he did an interview with sports personality Rich Eisen. He did, in fact, do a full hourlong interview with “The Rich Eisen Show” on the Roku Channel.

The absolutely exhausted Seinfeld conceded the point, telling Jost, “I like Rich Eisen, I find him accessible.” When Jost noted the odd juxtaposition of Seinfeld appearing on the sports show, the comic responded that, yes, he now knows that it is a sports show.

Jost asked Seinfeld to explain how someone knows when they’re doing “excessive press.”

“Well, that’s the thing. You don’t know,” Seinfeld said. “I mean, until someone who cares about you shows you a video package, and you see yourself with people with these names — Hoda, Mo Rocca, Chanel, Vlad.” It’s unclear if he spoke with a “Chanel” or a “Vlad,” but he did talk with Mo Rocca on “CBS Sunday Morning” and Hoda Kotb, along with Jenna Bush, on “Today.”

When Jost asked, “Vlad?,” Seinfeld went into his trademark high-pitched, incredulous, cracking Seinfeld voice to add, “Yeah, I talked to a guy named Vlad!” The audience sat in silence briefly until it became clear that “Vlad” was supposed to be the punchline and Jost and Seinfeld had nothing to add to the moment, at which point they laughed at the awkward pause.

Seinfeld also spoke about “Unfrosted” with TheWrap. Both in an extended interview and on the red carpet.

“And I know I can’t undo all the press I’ve done, but I want to help other people,” Seinfeld continued. “If you’re struggling with press, you’re not alone. I’m talking to you, Ryan Gosling.”

The specific reference to the inescapable star of “The Fall Guy” drew a big laugh from the studio audience.

“When I started doing press for ‘Unfrosted,’ I was like you — funny, good-looking. Now look at me,” a distraught Seinfeld added, indicating his somewhat bedraggled appearance. “You think this is how I wanted to spend my 26th birthday?”

“But you can get clean,” he continued — but before he could continue, his cell phone rang. He excused himself and answered, despite being in the middle of “Weekend Update,” telling the person on the other end of the call, “Univision? Yeah. Yeah, I’m ready.”

Jost incredulously asked, “No, he’s doing another interview?!”

On his end, we heard Seinfeld figuring out details for the alleged interview. “Uh, so, what is it, Spanish? Yeah. Fine. What is the dialect? Catalan? Yeah, I can do that. Who’s the host? Popey? Peepa? Pippa?”

“I think we’ve lost him,” an amused Jost added.

“Hola, Pippa. I love your show. Are you kidding? All the time. That’s correct, Pippa,” before Seinfeld went into a plug for Pippa/actually for the “SNL” audience for “Unfrosted,” adding, “‘Unfrosted’ is a delightful crazy tale with some of your favorite funny people as you’ve never seen them before.”

Seinfeld/”A Man Who Did Too Much Press” closed by saying, “Look for me on ‘Kelly Clarkson!'” While that could just be a joke about all the press, Seinfeld did just do an interview on “The Kelly Clarkson Show.”

You can watch Jerry Seinfeld and his full “Weekend Update” appearance as “A Man Who Did Too Much Press” in the video at the top of this story.

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