‘SNL’s Weekend Update Calls Joe Biden Vs Donald Trump Election Run “Elder Abuse” & Likens Bout To ‘Bumfights’

Colin Jost and Michael Che appeared in Saturday Night Live’s Weekend Update for the first time in 2024, and the main topic was the presidential election run between Joe Biden and Donald Trump.

“It’s 2024, but, is it?” Jost asked at the beginning of the segment as the U.S. gets ready to elect the next president, with the most likely options being Biden or Trump, just like in 2020.

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Jost continued, “I don’t know about you, but when I think of the year 2020, I never think, ‘Hmm, we should run that one back.'”

The comedian went on to point out some of the gaffes Biden and Trump have made during recent appearances. Biden confused a woman with a congresswoman who wasn’t there, “then the next day, Donald Trump repeatedly confused Nikki Haley with Nancy Pelosi.”

“Guys, I don’t know if we should do this election,” Jost added. “It’s honestly starting to feel like elder abuse. I don’t even blame them, I blame us for allowing it. It reminds me of those Bumfights videos where they made two homeless guys fight for money. And now we look back on it, and we’re like, ‘How did we as a society let that happen.'”

Jost said the best solution was to tell both presidential candidates “that they both won and that we are very proud of them and that they can rest now.”

Bumfights was a series of videos produced by Indecline Films in the early 2000s. The videos showcased high school students and two homeless men fighting, as well as people attempting stunts similar to MTV’s Jackass show.

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