Sofia Vergara clears up Kelly Clarkson’s ‘crazy’ misconception about Griselda

Sofia Vergara has been forced to correct Kelly Clarkson after a misconception about her transformation in Griselda.

The Modern Family star plays the lead role in a new Netflix drama series about infamous “cocaine godmother” Griselda Blanco.

For the show, Colombian-American star Vergara not only learnt how to take (fake) cocaine, but had hours of make-up and prosthetics added to transform into the character – but one person who was seemingly unimpressed with the result was singer and US chat show host Clarkson.

In yet another entertaining interview with Vergara about the series, which is on Netflix now, the star was told by Clarkson: “I feel like they only changed your nose or something. I don’t know what they did.

Vergara, visibly surprised, laughed in response, telling the host: “What? Are you crazy? It was hours! Don’t be jealous.”

When Clarkson said the change “looks slight”, Vergara replied: “It was a lot! They did a lot to me! It was teeth, it was wig, it was nose. It was plastic from here to here.”

With Vergara’s point made, Clarkson levelled that the make-up and prosthetics team “ did such a good job that it looked seamless”.

Reneging on her original claim, she said: “You literally look like you could actually just be this person in other movies. You could have two careers. You look like a different actress playing the role, you could have a whole different life as this actress.”

The comedic encounter came after Vergara opened up about the limitations her accent places on her career.

Speaking to The Los Angeles Times, the four-time Emmy-nominated actor said: “I’m always looking for characters because there’s not much that I can play with this stupid accent. I can’t play a scientist or be in Schindler’s List. My acting jobs are kind of limited.”

Sofia Vergara in Netflix series ‘Griselda’ (Netflix)
Sofia Vergara in Netflix series ‘Griselda’ (Netflix)

Earlier this month, Vergara had a flawless response to an interviewer who mocked her pronunciation of the hit sitcom Modern Family.

After she mentioned the show title on Spanish chat show, host Pablo Motos chipped in to question her pronunciation, quipping: “How do you say Modern Family?”

Visibly confused, Vergara asked whether she’d said the title incorrectly before drily adding: “Oh, because you speak better English than me?”