So, This Solar Eclipse Is Extra Dramatic

solar eclipse in aries
Your Horoscope for the Solar Eclipse in AriesGetty Images/Ying Chen

New Moons are a time for rejuvenation and manifestation, and if you have a lack in your life, then this is the time to fill it, whether through a new experience, person, or item. We must make space for beginnings and foolish behavior during New Moons. Mind you, we are all fools when beginning something new, so don't be scared to get experimental.

For newbies, a New Moon is when the Moon and the Sun meet at the same degree, forming what astrologers call a conjunction. As an astrology practitioner, I'm all about precision because cutting through diamonds is possible. Take the theme of each New Moon as inspiration to bring forth the best version of yourself. If you find your horoscope helpful, please share it and tag me on social media @MonishaHolmes.

If I'm being honest, Mercury Retrograde in Aries has left me feeling more than a little singed around the edges. Your girl is seriously burnt. No worries. I’ve learned that a good cry on a plush Turkish sofa beats shedding tears on a bare living room floor any day—I'll make it through, somehow. For those who might not be in the loop (perhaps you've been living under a rock for the past half-decade?), let me break it down for you: Mercury Retrograde is essentially the universe's way of putting us in a cosmic time-out, giving us a moment to reflect on our actions and decisions. If you've been riding the "good girl" wave up until now, my advice during this retrograde is simple: Don't let yourself get caught up in overthinking the motives or actions of others. Taking on someone else's drama is the fast track to self-sabotage.

On April 8, 2024, at 2:21 P.M., the Moon in Aries will take center stage, casting a shadow in a dramatic solar eclipse. With the asteroid Chiron in a precise conjunction with this New Moon, there are a couple of key takeaways. First off, hold off on the manifesting—the universe has been pulling some strings for you behind the scenes. Secondly, your soft spots, vulnerabilities, old wounds, and fears that go back to childhood will likely be spotlighted during this eclipse. Thanks to Mercury Retrograde doing its backward dance right as the New Moon hits, you’re being nudged to revisit, reflect, and perhaps uncover some revelations about past experiences. For those of you who’ve been trying to fast-track your way through the healing process, consider this a gentle cosmic reminder that sometimes, you've got to face your shadows head-on. But don't fret—Venus, the planet of love and beauty, is on its way to soften the edges. Stay tuned, hotties.

Read your Sun, Moon, and Rising sign horoscopes for the New Moon solar eclipse in Aries:


One of the worst things is feeling like you’ve got the short end of the stick. It’s like buying a lip liner, and then after one use, you’re wondering if you got your money’s worth. Instead of trying to crack open the container, focus on your strategy and identify the main point. You might know how you want to be loved and perceived, but are you marketing it to the real world?


Codependency is sometimes called “the tyranny of the shoulds.” Thoughts like “I should be more successful” or “I shouldn’t have done that” are surefire ways to bully yourself into bad situations. When we create a mindset of what should be, we set up an impossibly hard dream to achieve. Babe, let go of the should have, would have, could have and set yourself in reality—forgiveness goes a long way.


The company you keep makes a difference, Gemini. As you think through your goals and aspirations, take time to consider who is adding fuel to your fire. Are you surrounded by people who help you keep your momentum flowing, or people who leave you feeling like a deflated hot air balloon? In a circle with your chosen friends, are you able to thrive? Direct your energy towards what works; more of what you need will find you.


Free advice: Make a reflection board during this New Moon eclipse. It's similar to a vision board, but with a twist: A vision board is all about what you’re working on manifesting, and a reflection board is a reminder of your capabilities. You deserve to take note of each accomplishment, strength, and significant decision. When you reflect on what you have done, it is easier to remember that you’re in the process of doing well.


Knowledge is excellent, but what is the good of acquiring information if you just hoard what you know? The universe welcomes you to speak up instead of being judgmental. Just because someone missed a memo doesn’t diminish their ability to learn. You’ll be surprised how extending the olive branch can tremendously increase your star power.


All is fair in love and war, right? No, sometimes some unfair things happen. You’re allowed to sit and reflect on an experience that has pained you to your core. Let yourself have a cry fest, be disappointed, and have a non-violent rager if needed. Sometimes, unfair things happen, and you can only lament about them. You’re not a problem for having needs, feelings, and the willingness to express your emotions—just make sure you keep moving forward. Growth occurs when we are willing to let in new experiences.


You can experience heartbreak and decide to swear off any other romantic visitors. Who needs them, anyway? Well, the universe has plans for you. Whether or not you’re in a relationship right now, it takes time to discover what you desire from a relationship. There are no compromises on the relationship style. If you like someone, ask them out! If you want a polyamorous relationship, go for it! You will only enjoy the outcome when you commit to your target.


Dwelling in your mind sounds like a less-than-ideal time, Scorpio. You might feel compelled to think yourself into paralysis, as if you need any more reason to cry. Instead of being a fortune teller, how about you focus on getting your life in order? You might not be able to control the great unknown, but you can make conscious daily decisions to increase the likelihood of a better tomorrow. Drink water, journal, put your phone down, and relax.


Fun always has a way of catching up with you, babe. You’re public enemy number 1, and it appears that either the heartbreakers or the heartbroken will be rearing their pretty little heads during this time. Perhaps you’re being called to revisit past romantic affairs. You could find yourself talking things through with a high school crush, even though it’s been a decade, or having to apologize to your partner for something you did last month. The only genuine apology is changed behavior, babe!


It looks like speeding from task to task and neglecting your home life is probably not the most conducive way to live. The universe is loud and clear, and it's forcing you to pay close attention to issues at home. Is your family okay? Is your home clean? Do you have a habit of leaving the door unlocked? Slow your roll and get back to the basics. There’s no need to seek out problems.


What’s your catchphrase, Aquarius? Now, what’s your best friend’s catchphase? Try saying your best friend’s catchphrase and see how it feels. It turns out there are a whole bunch of studies that provide evidence that self-affirmations help you self-develop. So, think about the changes you’re welcoming into your life. Perhaps the universe is surprising you with something you didn’t know you wanted. Now, affirm that you have the skills to keep your desires. The more specific you are, the better. Just claim it.


Have you taken a moment to look at your possessions and reflect on the story they tells about you? Whenever you feel you’ve lost yourself, you can always turn back around and look at the items you value. Whether you are a minimalist or a collector, there is so much a favorite book or a childhood toy can tell you about who you are. Take a break from feeling like you need to fit in, and ensure you’re finding your fit.

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