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Solo Stove cuts up to 40 percent off the price of its fire pits for Labor Day

There's also a nearly 50 percent discount on a major bundle.

Solo Stove

Solo Stove might just come to your aid if you're hoping for a smoke-free fire in your backyard (or at the beach) this Labor Day weekend. The company is steeply discounting its fire pits ahead of the holiday, both for devices and bundles. The core Bonfire 2.0 is down to just $240, or 40 percent off. If you need more gear to improve portability and protection, the Backyard Bonfire Bundle 2.0 is nearly 50 percent off at $425 (normally $840) with an included lid, shield, stand and weather shelter.

Solo Stove's medium smokeless fire pit is 40 percent off for Labor Day.

$240 at Solo Stove

The Bonfire 2.0 is one of our favorite pieces of outdoor tech for the fall. You can burn virtually any wood you have in a clean, smokeless fire pit that's compact enough to fit on a patio. It's ideal if you're hoping to stay warm outside as the evenings get cooler, or to roast marshmallows without making a conventional pit. The Backyard bundle includes what you need to use the Bonfire on heat-sensitive surfaces, guard against stray embers and keep the fire going in less-than-pleasant conditions.

The Bonfire is the medium pit, so you'll want to look at the Ranger 2.0 for greater portability or the Yukon 2.0 if you want the largest possible option. For most uses, though, Solo Stove's mid-tier model is more than enough.

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