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Solo Stove fire pits are up to 45 percent off, plus the rest of this week's best tech deals

We found deals on Apple, Samsung, Ring and Google Nest products.

Solo Stove

We're still a couple of weeks away from the unofficial start to summer, but some Memorial Day sales are already popping up, including one on mostly smokeless fire pits from Solo Stoves. Discounts there range up to 45 percent. BioLite's sale takes up to 25 percent off of outdoor power gadgets and Ring security devices are discounted up 30 percent so you can keep tabs on your home for less. Outside of site-wide sales, Apple's second-gen AirPods Pro are back down to $200 and the Apple Watch Ultra is the cheapest we've seen it, but only with a yellow strap. For anyone thinking ahead to back to school, we found deals on three different laptops, a smart monitor and a Mac mini. Here are the best tech deals from this week that you can still get today.

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Solo Stove Bonfire

Solo Stove takes up to 45 percent off site-wide during this Memorial Day sale.
$270 at Solo Stove

Late summer nights outdoors are better with fire pits. Solo Stove is currently hosting a site-wide sale that runs through June 4th and includes discounts of up to 45 percent. The Bonfire is the brand's most popular pit and falls between the portable Ranger and extra large Yukon in size. Usually $400, the sale brings the Bonfire down to $250. Plenty of bundles are on sale too, including an ultimate bundle that pairs up the Bonfire with a stand, lid, shield and tools for $555 which is $530 off the regular price.

Use the code FREEMESA at checkout and you can get a free Mesa tabletop fire pit. Those normally sell for $120. Whichever unit you choose, you'll get less smoke thanks to the double-walled chamber that burns wood more efficiently. Solo Stove improved upon their original design on all 2.0 models, adding a removable base plate and ash pan that makes clean up much easier.

Apple AirPods Pro

The second-gen AirPods Pro are the best iOS earbuds on the market.
$200 at Amazon

Apple's latest AirPods Pro are among the best buds an iPhone user can stick in their ears and once again, they're down to $200, which is a tidy savings over their $249 list price and within a dollar of their all-time low. Our resident audio expert, Billy Steele, gave the buds an 88 in his review, pointing out that this generation's sound is massively superior to the previous one.

The clarity is excellent at low volume an has a more immersive and detailed sound overall. Thanks to the H2 chip, the buds are capable of impressively fast on-device processing to deliver good active noise cancellation and one of the best transparency modes available. The buds switch seamlessly between Apple devices and the battery will give you six hours of play on a charge with noise cancellation turned on.

If it's pure sound quality you're looking for, Billy also recommends Sennheiser's Momentum 3 buds. They're also down to $200, after an $80 discount.

BaseCharge 600

Photo by Amy Skorheim / Engadget
The portable power station can power your devices and more when you're camping and it's on sale for 20 percent off -- for the first time ever.
$559 at BioLite

Power stations let you bring multiple hours of power for lights, devices and even small appliances when you're camping or otherwise away from an outlet. BioLite's 622 watt-hour portable battery, the BaseCharge 600 is getting its first discount today as part of a larger, site-wide sale. Usually $700, the sale dips it down to a more palatable $560. The sale runs through May 29th with discounts on other power-related devices, including 20 percent off the larger BaseCharge 1500 and the 100-watt solar panels that can recharge either battery.

I spent a few weeks with the BaseCharge 600 and used it to run my work-from-home setup (laptop, monitor, gateway, lights) for a full day with plenty of charge left over. It also ran a power drill outdoors for a small project. There are eight ports up front, including multiple USB-Cs and regular old three-pronged plug outlets. The display offers a lot of useful info, like how long the battery has left, considering your current power consumption, or the amount of time the battery will take to return to full when it's plugged into the wall or a solar panel.

Our favorite low-capacity power bank, the Charge 40 PD is also part of the sale, and down to $45 instead of $60. It's got a tough case and will revive your phone from the dead a couple of times.

Ring Video Doorbell Pro 2

The Video Doorbell Pro 2 gives you 3D motion detection and a head-to-toe view of whoever's at your door. Right now, its 30 percent off as part of a larger sale on Ring devices.
$175 at Amazon

Many Ring security products are currently cheaper right now, both at Amazon and at Ring. Discounts include $75 off the Ring Video Doorbell Pro 2, which brings it down to $175 and the cheapest its gone for outside of Black Friday sales last November. The Pro 2 is a wired unit that gives you a head-to-toe view of your entryway along with two-way audio and 3D motion sensing that more accurately differentiates between people simply passing by and those actually approaching your door.

If you don't have a wire available for your doorbell (or wanted something a little cheaper), you can go for the Ring Battery Doorbell Plus. It's down to $140 after a 22 percent discount. It also gives you head-to-toe HD video and two-way audio. The quick-release battery pack is rechargeable and should last a few months between charges.

Apple Watch Ultra with Yellow Ocean Band

The Apple Watch Ultra (yellow band) is on sale at Amazon for just $702, the lowest price we've seen yet.
$702 at Amazon

We're not in Patek Philippe territory, but a $799 timepiece is still pretty spendy. This week gave us the lowest price we've seen yet on the top-end Apple Watch Ultra, bringing it down to $702 — but only if you get it with the yellow band. If you're down with the sunny hue, or were already planning to swap out the strap, you can save nearly $100 on a watch that's best suited to athletes and outdoor enthusiasts. Our deputy editor Cherlynn Low gave the smartwatch an 85 in her review, citing it's excellent battery life, durable build and the bright display. Its GPS, Backtrack and Waypoint features also performed admirably during a hike in New Jersey's South Mountain reservation.

For those who want a capable smartwatch that's much more affordable, the current generation 40mm Apple Watch SE with the starlight case is also on sale at Amazon and at Best Buy. It's back down to $219, which is the lowest it's gone since its debut last September. Cherlynn called this one "the best smartwatch $250 can buy" in her review. The 44mm models in all three case colorways are also on sale at Amazon.

Google Nest Learning thermostat

The Nest Learning Thermometer can help you to manage the temperature of your home while cutting down energy usage.
Save $105 with code
$144 at Wellbots

Right now, Wellbots is offering a total of $105 off Google's Nest Learning Thermostat when you enter the code 55ENGDT at checkout. The smart thermometer is already on sale for $199, but the code takes an additional $55 off, making it just $144. Over time, the Nest will learn your habits and adjust accordingly. By detecting when you're home and away, the device could help save energy too.

Another discount code will save you a total of $124 on the Google Nest Camera with Floodlight. It's on sale for $220, but the code 65ENGDT will bring it down to $155. The camera pairs up bright lights and a camera to alert you when events are detected outside your home, sending HD video to your phone or smart display so you can keep tabs on your perimeter at all times.

And finally, we've got a code for the Google Nest Indoor/Outdoor Wireless Camera too. Enter 45ENGDT at checkout for an additional $45 savings over the $140 sale price.

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra

The S23 Ultra with 256GB of storage is currently $150 off. It's not the lowest price we've seen yet, but still a decent discount for anyone looking to get Samsung's newest flagship.
$1,050 at Amazon

A sale at Amazon is lowering the price on many configurations of Samsung's latest Galaxy phones. The S23 Ultra, the S23+ and the base model S23 are all seeing discounts of between $50 and $150. The sale brings the S23 Ultra with 256GB of storage down to $1,050.

These aren't the largest discounts we've seen on Samsung's latest smartphones, but it's a decent discount on what are still pretty new phones. The discounts apply to all storage configurations and all colorways are included.

We gave the Galaxy S23 Ultra an 89 in our review, praising the powerful performance, "dazzling" display and larger, 200MP rear camera that produces great-looking images. The S23+ earned an 86 review score from us thanks to its bright display and excellent battery life, which went longer than two days before needing a charge.

Samsung M70B Series Smart Monitor

Samsung's Smart Monitors are designed for both work and play, while offering a way to control your smart home products -- and right now you can save $120 on a 43-inch model.
$380 at Amazon
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$380 at Samsung

Multiple models of Samsung monitors are currently on sale at both Amazon and directly from Samsung's site, including the 43-inch M70B smart monitor. It's currently $380, which is $120 off the list price and the lowest its gone for since the shopping holidays late last year. It's got 4K resolution and a 60Hz refresh rate and thanks to the built-in smart TV capabilities, you can stream, video conference and control your smart home without connecting to a PC. The sale also includes the 32-inch Odyssey Neo G8, which is $1,200 instead of $1,500. The curved 4K monitor has a 240Hz refresh rate with a latency as low as 1ms.


Get three months of Hulu for $2 per month, totaling $6.
$2 at Hulu

If you cancelled Hulu and want to come back, you can get the next three months for just $2 per month. The deal is valid through May 27th and is available to new and returning subscribers — as long as it's been at least a month since you cancelled. This is the ad-supported version of the service, which usually goes for $8 per month. If you don't want your episodes of Abbot Elementary interrupted by ads, you can go for the ad-free plan for $15 per month. Either way, we think Hulu is one of the better streaming services out there and it will be the only place to catch new (yes) episodes of Futurama.

Apple 2023 Mac mini M2

Pick up the latest Mac Mini while it's $100 off and down to a record low.
$500 at Amazon

Apple's latest system-on-a-chip is the M2 processor, which you'll find in the newest MacBook Airs, MacBook Pros and the Mac mini. The diminutive computer is the cheapest way to get the speed of the M2 and right now you can grab a mini for just $500, which is $100 off the list price and matches the lowest price so far. This is the model with 8GB of memory and 256GB of storage, which is the same capacity offered by the base model MacBook Air — but the mini delivers it for about half the price.

Of course, you'll need to add a monitor, but if you've already got on on hand, you can save a significant amount. We gave the Mac mini an 86 in our review, praising the performance, solid design and generous amount of ports for accessories and monitors.

Eero Pro mesh WiFi router

The WiFi 5-based Eero mesh router is down to a very low price.
$80 at Amazon

Amazon is selling many of it's previous-generation Eero routers for 24 to 50 percent off right now. The sale includes the Eero Pro mesh WiFi router which is half price and down to $80. It's a tri-band router that simultaneously supports 2.4GHz, 5.2 GHz and 5.8 GHz signals. A single unit will cover up to 1,750 square feet and if you add more routers, you can expand that coverage easily. Once you install an Eero router, you can even use current-model Echo speakers as WiFi extenders too. Note that the Eero Pro is a previous generation model that supports WiFi 5 — the newer, WiFi 6E model is currently $250 and not on sale.

Razer BlackWidow V3 Mini HyperSpeed

This 65 percent keyboard still has arrow keys and a column of miscellaneous keys on the right side that can double as macro buttons. Right now it's cheaper than it's been since last year's holiday sales.
$110 at Amazon
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$110 at Best Buy

If you're dealing with limited desk real estate, a 60 percent keyboard might help. Right now, Razer's BlackWidow V3 is on sale for $180 or 39 percent off at Amazon and Best Buy. Though it's technically a 65 percent keyboard, it's still our top pick for the best 60 percent keyboard with arrow keys. It offers both 2.4G and Bluetooth connectivity A switch lets you pick between a clicky typing experience or a much quieter (though not completely silent) mode.

KitchenAid Cordless Variable Speed Hand Blender

In addition to being wire-free, KitchenAid's machine lets you adjust the blender’s motor simply by squeezing down on the trigger.
$85 at Amazon

We named the KitchenAid immersion blender the best cordless option in our in our guide to immersion blenders. Our reviewer, Sam Rutherford, says it easy to use and liked that instead of discrete speed settings, you can adjust the speed by applying more or less pressure on the trigger. Kitchen Aid claims it can blend 25 bowls of soup on a charge. Sam didn't have that much soup on hand, but still found the battery to last a long time. Just keep in mind that you can't charge it while you use it, so plug it in before you plan on cooking.

Apple MacBook Pro M2, 14-inch

Our recommended Apple laptop for creatives and power users is seeing a $250 discount, which matches its all-time low.
$1,749 at B&H Photo
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$1,749 at Amazon

Our senior editor Devindra Hardawar called the new MacBook Pro a "blessing for creatives" when the new laptop came out earlier this year, awarding it a 92 in his review. Right now the base-level configuration, with the M2 Pro chip, 16GB of memory and 512GB of storage is back down to an all-time low of $1,749 at B&H Photo. That only goes for the space gray colorway — you'll pay $50 more for the silver version.

We named the it the best MacBook for creatives in our guide thanks to the laptop's powerful processing power that easily handles 4K video editing and complex musical arrangements. It has plenty of ports, including a 3.5mm, one HDMI, three Thunderbolt 4 ports and an SD card slot. You can get the same deal on Amazon.

Samsung S95B OLED

The Samsung S95B displays the deep blacks of a good OLED TV without sacrificing peak brightness or color saturation and right now it's down to its lowest price yet.
$1,298 at Amazon
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$1,298 at Samsung

Samsung's S95B OLED 55-inch TV is on sale for $1,298, which is a steep, 41 percent discount over the $2,198 price tag it had when it first came out. You can grab the same deal at Samsung too. The S95B smart TV made our list for one of the best TVs for gaming you can buy. The QD-OLED display combines an OLED panel with a layer of quantum dots so it can offer the deep blacks that you get with quality OLED screens, but also gives enough brightness to play in a daylight-lit room. You'll be able to play 4K games with a smooth 120Hz refresh rate and there are four full HDMI ports.

The 2023 version, the S95C, is now available, but you'll pay about $2,400 right now, after a $100 discount from Samsung. If you want our top pick for a gaming set, check out the LG C2, which is on sale for $200 off at both B&H Photo and at Amazon. That's not the lowest price ever, but a good way to save a few dollars on a great gaming TV.

Apple MacBook Air M1

Photo by Devindra Hardawar / Engadget
Apple's 2020 MacBook Air with the M1 chip is a relatively affordable way for students or those with tight budgets to snag a fast and capable machine -- and right now it's $200 off the list price.
$800 at Amazon
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$849 at B&H Photo

The previous generation MacBook Air with the M1 chip is our top pick for a budget Apple laptop, and right now, it's an even better deal at just $800, which is $200 off the list price. It doesn't have the latest system-on-a-chip that Apple makes, but it's still a powerful ultraportable that earned a score of 94 when Devindra reviewed it. He appreciated the display, performance and lack of fan noise from the passive heat sink. It weighs just 2.8 pounds, making it ideal for students taking it to class or for digital nomads who move around a lot.

If you want the latest model, B&H Photo is offering the 2022 MacBook Air M2 for $150 off, bringing it down to $1,049. That's about $50 more than the lowest price we've seen, but still a nice discount for anyone who wants the laptop that Devindra called a "near-perfect Mac."

Dell XPS 13 Plus Laptop

The best Windows laptop has long been Dell’s well-rounded XPS 13 series and we still recommend it to anyone that doesn’t want a Mac.
$1,400 at Dell

If you don't want a Mac, consider this laptop instead. We named the Dell XPS 13 Plus the best Windows laptop for college students and it's currently $500 off on clearance at the manufacturer's site. It offers an ample keyboard and an OLED screen with thin bezels that Devindra says looks fantastic. This model packs a 12th-gen Intel Core i5 chip with 8GB of memory and 512GB of storage. It runs on Windows 11 and has a touch screen and capacitative buttons at the top of the keyboard. The glass haptic touchpad blends into the palm rest lending to the overall minimalist design. Unfortunately, that minimalism means Dell ditched the headphone jack, so your personal listening options are limited to Bluetooth.

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