New Sonic Game Leaks, Looks Like Fall Guys

Screenshot from the Sonic-themed event in Fall Guys - Image: Epic Games / Sega
Screenshot from the Sonic-themed event in Fall Guys - Image: Epic Games / Sega

A gameplay trailer for Sonic Toys Party—an as-yet-unannounced Sonic game from Sega—has leaked online showcasing Fall Guys-like multiplayer battle royale action.

On March 24, the YouTube channel The Sonic Show published the alleged leaked trailer for Sonic Toys Party. In the trailer, we see a large crowd of multiple Sonic characters controlled by other, online players running around Sonic-themed levels. Like Fall Guys, the last remaining Sonic character wins. It’s reported that Sonic Toys Party is a free-to-play mobile game set to arrive this summer.

Sega has yet to officially confirm the existence of Sonic Toys Party. However, shortly after posting the leaked trailer, Sonic Show’s original video was taken down due to a copyright claim made by Sega, according to an error message from YouTube. That doesn’t confirm Toys Party is legit, but also…yeah, it seems pretty likely this is a real Sonic game coming to phones later this year.

It was further reported by Sonic Stadium—a news site dedicated to Sega and Sonic games—that Sonic Toys Party is being developed by Sega’s Division 4, the same team responsible for Sega Pocket Club Manager. The trailer that leaked is supposedly made up of footage recorded last summer and is not representative of the final product. It’s also reported that this Sonic Toys Party will feature collaborations with other Sega and third-party franchises, including Persona and Saint Seiya. Further, Sonic Toys Party will feature multiple currencies and reportedly be focused on cosmetics and selling skins, many of which will be based on “modern Sonic” characters and designs.

Following multiple playtests, it’s reported that Sonic Toys Party is planned to launch in either June or July. Kotaku has contacted Sega for more information.


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