Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag's son set to launch YouTube channel

Heidi Montag, Spencer Pratt and their baby boy in 2019 credit:Bang Showbiz
Heidi Montag, Spencer Pratt and their baby boy in 2019 credit:Bang Showbiz

Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag's six-year-old son is set to launch his own YouTube channel.

The loved-up couple have revealed that they're supporting their son, Gunner Pratt, as he prepares to launch his YouTube career.

Heidi, 37 - who also has Ryker, 19 months, with Spencer - told E! News: "Gunner is gonna come out with his own YouTube channel. We're actually working on it."

Gunner has actually wanted to launch his own channel for more than a year.

Spencer said: "No momager-dadager. But he watches all these kids on YouTube. So he sees like, 'Why do they get to have unboxed toys?' It's not us - even though I'm so excited for his channel."

Gunner is aware of what Spencer and Heidi have managed to achieve in their own careers.

Spencer shared: "He loves when people come up to us and ask for a photo and they leave. He goes, 'That was a nice fan, Dad.' I'm like, 'They were very nice. Supporter - we'll call them supporters, son.'"

Meanwhile, Heidi admitted earlier this year that her beauty standards have evolved.

The reality star confessed that her idea of the perfect body has changed markedly over the years.

She told Us Weekly: "I used to want skinny legs and the gap in between the thighs - I thought that was such a staple of being fit. Now my opinion of what’s sexy and what’s healthy is so different."

Heidi has upped her fitness efforts in recent times, while she's also overhauled her diet, cutting down on things such as sugar, bread and alcohol.

The TV star now feels better than she has in years.

Heidi shared: "I love how strong and toned my arms are. It’s been really fun to flex for my husband. I’m like, ‘Yeah, look at these!’ This is the best I’ve ever felt."