We spent $340 on an overnight stay at one of Europe's most romantic hotels. The Bali-inspired jungle pool was the star of the show.

  • My partner and I celebrated our engagement at a luxury hotel in Copenhagen, Denmark.

  • We spent one night at Manon Les Suites, known for its Bali-inspired jungle pool.

  • Our suite cost $340 for one night, and we'd gladly pay it again.

My partner and I celebrated our recent engagement with a city break in Copenhagen, Denmark.

We had never previously visited the Scandinavian city, which is known for its quaint and colorful buildings, historic palaces, and expensive restaurants.

We chose it purely for convenience — it takes just under two hours to fly there from Edinburgh, Scotland, which is close to our hometown.

We were there for four nights in the last week of March. On the final night, we splurged on an overnight stay at Manon Les Suites, a luxury, five-star hotel that The Independent dubbed one of the best and most romantic in Europe.

TikTokers can't get enough of Manon Les Suites, a five-star hotel in Copenhagen.

Manon Les Suite reception
The reception area.Mikhaila Friel

Manon Les Suites, which opened in 2022, is owned by the luxury hotel brand Guldsmen Hotels. I first became aware of the hotel earlier this year as it was doing the rounds on TikTok. I was instantly sold on the videos of the Bali-inspired jungle pool that's engulfed with vibrant greenery.

The pool seems to be vital to the hotel's marketing campaign; it is described on its website as "a slice of Bali in the heart of Copenhagen."

We spent $340 on an overnight stay in a "petite suite," which was anything but small.

Mikhaila in a hotel room
The author is pictured in the hotel room.Mikhaila Friel

The hotel offers three accommodation options: The petite suite, a pool-side petite suite, or a classic suite.

We opted for the petite suite, as it was the least expensive option at 2395 Danish Krone, or around $340 for an overnight stay on March 31.

The suite was 34 square meters and had a bedroom with a four-poster bed (pictured) and a TV, a living room with two sofas and a second TV, a bathroom with a shower, and a coffee and tea station.

In comparison, the classic suite has the same amenities but is slightly larger at 40 square meters, according to the hotel website.

Our suite overlooked the jungle pool.

Manon Les Suites hotel
The author's partner outside their hotel suite.Mikhaila Friel

The hotel has 87 suites and six floors. Most suites have a balcony overlooking the pool, with the exception of the pool-side suites, which are located next to the pool on the same floor.

The warm decor and spacious living room made us feel at home.

Copenhagen hotel lounge
The lounge area.Mikhaila Friel

Our suite was spacious and luxurious — I loved that we each had a sofa, as there were two of them. We were also impressed with the decor: The cozy rug, throw pillows, and an abundance of colorful paintings made it feel homey.

Meanwhile, the tea and coffee station had a kettle, a selection of tea, two recyclable water bottles, a fully stocked mini-fridge, and snacks.

We were impressed with the complimentary items in the bathroom.

Copenhagen hotel bathroom
The bathroom.Mikhaila Friel.

The bathroom had tiled walls, a large mirror, a walk-in shower, and a cabinet containing complimentary items, including bamboo toothbrushes, toothpaste tablets, crystal deodorant, and a "sleep kit" bag that had an eye mask and ear plugs inside.

We didn't have to worry about bringing our own robes and towels for the hotel.

complimentary hotel robes
Complimentary robes.Mikhaila Friel

We noticed other hotel guests lounging around in matching pink and green patterned robes. Those same robes were waiting for us in our suite, alongside a selection of towels.

We spent most of our time at the pool.

jungle pool hotel
The Bali-inspired jungle pool at Manon Les Suites.Manon Les Suites Press Library

After getting into our swimwear and robes, my partner and I made our way to the jungle pool, which had free deck chairs and a bar where guests could order food and drink.

The hotel also had a rooftop spa, a sauna, and a gym, which we didn't use since we were only there for one night.

The leafy foliage was just as magnificent in real life.

The jungle pool at Manon Les Suites
The jungle pool at Manon Les Suites.Mikhaila Friel

I had wondered if our time at the hotel would live up to my expectations, and in my opinion, it was even better.

The dangling leafy foliage was absolutely stunning, and I found myself constantly looking up in awe.

The pool was heated, and relaxing music played from speakers. After ordering drinks at the bar, we were pleasantly surprised when a staff member said they would be delivered to our deck chairs.

The hotel has a rooftop bar and restaurant, which is open to non-hotel guests.

a server pours wine
A server pours at Restaurant Chapung in Manon Les Suites.Mikhaila Friel

Chapung is an asian fusion restaurant and bar on the hotel's sixth floor. We visited the restaurant for dinner a couple of nights before our stay, as we had read that only "lunch and snacks" would be available to order on Sunday, the day we checked in.

While we waited to be seated at the restaurant, my partner ordered a glass of wine while I ordered a cocktail from the bar.

The space was dimly lit, giving it a romantic feel. The bar had comfortable couches with throw pillows, which I thought was a nice touch.

Our $86 meal was delicious, but I thought the portions were a tad small.

Chapung restaurant
Our food at Chapung.Mikhaila Friel

I ordered the sweet and sour salmon, which cost 165 Danish Krone (around $23) with jasmine rice, which cost 45 Danish krone (around $6.40).

My partner had the grilled ribeye steak, which cost 310 Danish Krone (around $44) with a side of fries, which cost 95 Danish Krone (around $13).

The food was delicious, but we thought the portion sizes could have been a tad bigger considering the meal was (unsurprisingly) expensive.

The hotel was a highlight of our trip, and we'd willingly spend another $340 to go back.

mikhaila and scott copenhagen
Mikhaila and her partner in Copenhagen, Denmark.Mikhaila Friel

In an era where luxury travel is becoming more expensive, it can be hard to decide where to put your money.

Luxury hotels are having a moment, with prices expected to reach "peak levels" in 2024. Daily rates are going to cost 70% more than in 2019, a representative for the luxury travel company Virtuoso told CNBC.

Experts told the outlet that economic uncertainty caused by the rising cost of living and inflation won't have an impact on the luxury travel boom because the demand is there.

We have no regrets about spending the $340 on our stay at Manon Les Suites. The hotel had all the elements you'd expect to find in a luxury honeymoon destination, and for one evening, I forgot we were in the middle of a bustling city.

But that's the magic of it. City breaks are fun, but it's great to have a bit of balance — or in our case, escapism. We can't wait to recommend it to friends and (hopefully) return in the future ourselves.

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