Is Sphere the Only Safe Bet in Las Vegas?

mandatory credit photo by sphere entertainmentshutterstock 14134968o sphere at the venetian resort las vegas sphere debut, opening night, las vegas, usa 29 sep 2023
Is Sphere the Only Safe Bet in Las Vegas?Sphere Entertainment/Shutterstock

When Sphere opened in 2023, the Las Vegas venue—which reportedly cost $2.3 billion to build— was immediately clogging everyone’s feed with its eye-popping exterior. The 366-foot-tall orb is wrapped in LED panels, which means it can look like anything from the surface of the moon to a giant emoji—or a really expensive advertisement. (Spots during the Super Bowl were rumored to run $2 million.)

u2uv achtung baby live at sphere
Inside Sphere during one of U2’s inaugural shows at the venue. Next up, the space will host acts including Phish and Dead & Co.Kevin Mazur - Getty Images

What might be most impressive about the space, however, is what’s happening inside. The inaugural act was U2; the band played 40 shows in the customizable, pillar-free interior, which can be also programmed to look like just about anything.

Enter Phish. This month the legendary jam band is doing a sold-out four-night run that’s going to lure its haute hippie following to Vegas, and we can only imagine how much that particular crowd will appreciate the swirling, endlessly customizable visuals. And while Sphere is quick to say that all its seats are great, sources tell T&C that sitting on the 200 level is as good as it gets.

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