Squid Game: The Challenge producers tease season 2 possibility

contestants wearing green tracksuits from squid game the challenge series 1
Squid Game: The Challenge producers tease season 22023 © Netflix - Netflix

Netflix's Squid Game: The Challenge have teased the possibility of a second series.

With just one episode remaining in its first series, producers of the hit reality TV show have revealed that they are keen to make a second.

Based on the hugely successful South Korean series Squid Game, the spinoff series sees 456 contestants compete in a series of games, similar to those in the original series, to win a huge £3.7 million prize.

squid game the challenge, season 1

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Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, the reality show's executive producers Stephen Lambert and John Hay said they would love to do a second series.

When asked if a second series is on the way, Lambert said that the decision is up to Netflix and will be based on viewing numbers as well as viewers' reactions to the show.

"That's all in the hands of our dear friends at Netflix, if they have the desire whether they want to do it again," Lambert said. "If viewers love the show, and from what we understand, the people do, Netflix will publish numbers for the first week so it will be interesting to see what those numbers are like. If they're good, then who knows, maybe they'll want to do another season."

squid game the challenge, season 1

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Speaking about reactions to the show, which has recently experienced complaints from some contestants over filming conditions, Lambert and Hay said they were proud to see how positively received the show has been.

"It's brilliant it's landed as well as it has, and we're really enjoying all the responses to it," said Hay. "It probably is too early to judge, but we would obviously love to [do season 2]. We think it's a game with potential, so let's see."

Squid Game season 1 and Squid Game: The Challenge are streaming now on Netflix.

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