Squid Game: The Challenge teases season 2 games and returning contestants

contestants wearing green tracksuits from squid game the challenge series 1
Squid Game: The Challenge teases s2 details2023 © Netflix - Netflix

Squid Game: The Challenge only just wrapped up its first season on Netflix, but we're already getting some details about what to expect in season 2.

The reality show competition spin-off of the dystopian drama has been confirmed for a second run. Executive producers John Hay and Stephen Lambert have floated a few possible ideas to Entertainment Weekly, but are quick to state that nothing is set in stone as of yet.

"It's very early days," explained Lambert. "Also, we need to talk to the Korean team about what they're planning to do for their second scripted season."

contestants wearing green tracksuits from squid game the challenge series 1
2023 © Netflix - Netflix

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"Obviously there's some extremely keen people who watched it straight away, but there'll be people who watch it over the weeks and months to come," Hay added.

"One of the things that will make it better is just allowing ourselves a deliberate pause and the chance to take in some of that viewer response before we go again.

"I think that's really important — it doesn't do brilliantly to rush back into it. I think it would benefit from a period of mulling and considering that before we move ahead."

While the duo haven't given it too much thought at the current time, they explained that they are open to the idea of using some of the games that were developed for but eventually unused in season 1.

squid game the challenge, season 1

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They also stated that they might ask season 1 contestants to return, as Lambert teased: "They'll probably all have different points of view, but there's obviously nothing stopping that since they're not dead [like in the scripted show].

"There's no reason why they can't do it again. If we just stick to this cast and play it 456 times, they'll probably all end up winning."

Squid Game and Squid Game: The Challenge can be streamed on Netflix now, with second seasons of both on the way.

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