Star Awards 2024: Veteran host Kym Ng wins Best Actress, Jeremy Chan takes Best Actor

Ng said she 'prayed very hard' to win, while Chan brought his real life into the show.

Kym Ng (left) and Jeremy Chan won Best Actress and Best Actor, respectively, for the first time. PHOTO: Mediacorp
Kym Ng (left) and Jeremy Chan won Best Actress and Best Actor, respectively, for the first time. PHOTO: Mediacorp

In just six years, veteran host Kym Ng has proven her acting chops by claiming three wins in the performance categories of Star Awards.

On Sunday (21 April), she won big with a first Best Actress trophy for her role in the romantic comedy series Till The End.

In an interview local media after her victory on stage, she revealed that she wanted the trophy really badly.

“I didn’t think I’d win this award, but I really wished and prayed very hard that I can win,” said the 56-year-old with a laugh. She also shared that she thought about it every night, but told herself to stop the night before the awards so she won’t have a breakdown if she lost.

The local artiste had previously won the Best Supporting Actress trophy in 2018 and 2021. The last time she was nominated for Best Actress was in 2013, and that marked the first time she was nominated as well.

Ng added, “I always feel that maybe acting is a more suitable job for me. It’s good performing, so to have this award will be a lot of encouragement and recognition, and it makes me want to do more acting. Whether it’s a supporting role or lead role, I just love it.”

Best Actor Jeremy Chan brought his real life into his award-winning role

Also snagging the Best Actor win for the first is Jeremy Chan, who is perhaps more known for his comedic roles.

He won for the role of Huang Jintiao in the 2023 drama All That Glitters. The show garnered an impressive five wins - Best Supporting Actor for Zhang Zetong, Best Drama Serial, Best Director (Drama), and Best Screenplay (Drama).

Speaking to Yahoo Southeast Asia, Chan, 42, said, “I don’t think I did anything very special for this role. It’s because the three of us have very strong emotions, and I think it’s probably that I got a genuine feeling from them.”

Chan is referring to his co-stars Ayden Sng and Desmond Tan, who play his best friends He Jianzhi and Liu Mu respectively.

“The reason why I could perform the role of Jintiao so well is because of them. It takes two hands to clap,” he explained, adding that he was able to play off the strong performances of his co-stars.

His wife, fellow actress Jesseca Liu (and All-Time Favourite Artiste winner this year) shared that Chan brought his real life into this role, and that helped in his performance.

The 45-year-old said, “I think it’s probably because he actually has two brothers. He has an older brother and a younger brother. Their relationship is very good. So I think he projected this very real relationship onto the relationship with the two ‘brothers’ in the show.

“For him (Chan), seeing them is akin to seeing his own brothers, so this really helped in shaping the character.”

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