Star Awards 2024: Xixi Lim and He Yingying win Top 10 Most Popular Female Artiste for the first time

Lim told herself 'not to fall' while rushing to accept her award, while He rocks a new short haircut

Xixi Lim (left) and He Ying Ying accepting the Top 10 Most Popular Female Artistes award at 2024 Star Awards (Photos: Mediacorp)
Xixi Lim (left) and He Ying Ying accepting the Top 10 Most Popular Female Artistes award at 2024 Star Awards (Photos: Mediacorp)

It was Xixi Lim's first time winning the Top 10 Most Popular Female Artiste award, and for her, the recognition has validated her hard work as a plus-sized actress.

In an interview with Yahoo Southeast Asia backstage after the win, Lim, 36, said that it's "never easy being different" from the other female artistes.

She added, "I remember when I told my friends and family that I want to go into this industry, a lot of people asked if I want to think twice. But I told myself that I want to give it a shot."

The host shared that it was "really tough" for her to find an outfit for last year's Star Awards, and when she was nominated this year, her manager worked hard to find a nice and comfortable outfit.

Lim was also doing her backstage hosting gig while the awards were going on and had to run to the main stage to get her award when her name was called.

"There are a lot of things to consider. It's very different as compared to the rest of the girls," she said. However, she felt that this moment was a dream come true for her and urged others to work towards theirs.

Another first-time winner in the category was He Yingying.

Backstage after the award show, He, 29, told the media that she would celebrate by going home to have a big meal - she wanted to eat hotpot.

"I'm basic. But, a lot of my friends have to shoot tomorrow, so I'm not sure if I can still eat hotpot."

Meanwhile, Lim said she had not eaten for seven hours, and would also eat. "Eating is more important, even if I'm working tomorrow," she added.

Where they might put their trophies

Actress He has not thought of where to put the trophy, but said she would not place it near her cat's house.

"I only have one trophy, it's precious," she said.

Lim is contemplating putting the trophy in her house, which is currently under renovation, or at the office.

Commenting on her sprint from the backstage area to the main stage, she shared, "I kept telling myself not to fall. It felt like the main stage was very far. But once I got to the stage, my mind went blank and I was gasping for air."

Lucky haircut?

Interestingly, three actresses from the category had their haircut before the award show.

Both He and Lim got a haircut on Sunday morning, the former in a boyish style and the latter in bangs. Chantalle Ng also got her hair cut yesterday.

"I cut bangs and ended up going on stage to accept an award for the first time," said Lim.

Aside from Lim, He, and Ng, the other actresses who made the list are Ya Hui, Carrie Wong, Chen Biyu, Tasha Low, Chen Ning, Yvonne Lim, and Hong Ling. Lim, who got her 10th win this year and will receive the All-Time Favourite Artiste award next year, wasn't present for the ceremony.

Rounding up the winners of the Top 10 Most Popular Male Artistes are Romeo Tan, Marcus Chin, Jeff Goh, Zhang Yao Dong, Pornsak, Desmond Tan, Benjamin Tan, Shaun Chen, James Seah, and Jeremy Chan.

Like Lim, Pornsak also received his 10th win and wasn't present for the ceremony.

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