Star Wars chief open to 'interesting' Rated-R pitches

Star Wars chief is open to R-rated films credit:Bang Showbiz
Star Wars chief is open to R-rated films credit:Bang Showbiz

'Star Wars' chief Dave Filoni won't rule out an R-rated movie for the iconic franchise.

The executive - who serves as Lucasfilm's chief creative officer - has addressed the possibility of taking the space saga to another level after Marvel and Disney made the surprising decision to approve 'Deadpool and Wolverine' as an R-rated film.

Asked if the same could happen for 'Star Wars', he told the 'Happy Sad Confused' podcast: "Sure, I mean, I don't know.

"I think it's interesting. The bottom line is whatever we do, it has to be really well done."

There is a balance to strike for the long running franchise, which was created by George Lucas and first launched with 'Star Wars: A New Hope' in 1977.

Recent spin-off shows like 'Andor' have taken the storytelling in a "different" direction, but at the root of 'Star Wars' is a need to fuel "the imagination of the kids out there".

Filoni explained: "I think when you look at something that is taken as different like 'Andor', it’s so well done, and Tony [Gilroy, showrunner] and his team do such a phenomenal job, that I think that there’s an audience for that.

"I think also with that audience, I also though want to still be hitting the imagination of the kids out there, so that they can grow up and appreciate those things.”

'Star Wars' as a whole manages to crossover into "all types of styles", with storytelling at its root as each filmmaker or showrunner given the chance to put their own stamp on their projects.

He added: "[The franchise] encompasses all types of styles, and the creative of the particular story driving it is the most important thing, and they should do something that’s within their comfort zone. Otherwise, we’re to imagine that everyone’s going to come in and pretend they’re George Lucas.”

However, despite any differences, there are some "principles" that always ring true.

Filoni said: "We’re just different and that’s okay. But there are principles about choices and being a good person and being more selfless and getting over your fears, and those are timeless no matter what style you’re talking about.”