Stardew Valley Mod Challenges Fans To Create Bagel With Nearly Every Food In The Game

Image: ConcernedApe
Image: ConcernedApe

Between farming crops and picking up random doodads you find around the titular village in Stardew Valley, there are a lot of possible ingredients you can use to craft and cook new items. With this in mind, one modder has decided to challenge players of ConcernedApe’s farming sim RPG to create a bagel with everything on it. Well, almost everything. We wouldn’t want to create a multiverse-eating black hole bagel now, would we?

Nexus Mods user SiTheGreat1 uploaded the Everything Bagel mod on April 1 (thanks, PCGamer), seemingly as an April Fools’ Day joke, though the description says the real inspiration was “a general frustration at the name of the so-called ‘everything bagel.’” Which, yeah, why call it the everything bagel if it’s not going to have everything on it? But despite this inspiration, SiTheGreat1’s mod doesn’t actually ask you to use every food item in the game to craft your bagel. At the moment, the ingredient list may vanish off-screen when players use the mod, but the mod’s description has a few “hints” on its Nexus Mods page:

  • All ingredients are some form of food

  • Very few are artisan goods

  • No legendary fish (or their Qi challenge counterparts) are needed

  • New foods from 1.6 are not included because I haven’t been able to track down their Item IDs yet; I’ll add them in a future update

Despite not including foods added in Stardew Valley’s recent 1.6 update, the mod itself only works if you’re patch current. So, if for some reason you haven’t downloaded the huge, feature-rich patch, you’ll definitely want to do that if you want to create the Everything Bagel. PCGamer did some snooping through the mod’s code and discerned that the recipe takes 134 items. Creating the Everything Bagel is no small task, but if I’ve learned anything about Stardew Valley players, they’re nothing if not committed.

Stardew Valley’s 1.6 patch has brought about sweeping changes, but fans have been honing in on some of the smaller minutiae that changes things like how fruit trees work and making your marriage happier.

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