The Starfield Creation Kit is Now Available

Starfield: a profile shot of someone in a spacesuit sat in a pilot seat.
Starfield: a profile shot of someone in a spacesuit sat in a pilot seat.

Despite it struggling to really make an impact, Starfield is still going, and the developer continues to support the game. Now, for anyone who’s interested in modding the vanilla experience, Bethesda has made it official with the release of the Creation Kit.

Create your own space-faring adventures

Although modding is very much a thing – especially for games like Skyrim and Fallout – Todd Howard and his team have offered a way for anyone to come in and tinker with Starfield. The editor allows people to make their own custom content for the game, which they can then share with others.

The download page on Steam gives an overview of what the Creation Kit will allow. Among other things, you can use the tool to create your own quests, environments, characters, weapons, and dialogue.

Given that this is the same software Bethesda itself uses, releasing it to the public should make it easier to modify Starfield. Going forward, we can expect to see a lot more fan-made content for the game, and there’s already quite a lot of it out there on sites like Nexus Mods.

Easily one of the current generation’s most-anticipated releases, there was something about “Skyrim-in-space” that meant it couldn’t quite cut it. Parent company Microsoft did boast that Starfield would be the least buggy Bethesda game to date. However, that alone couldn’t guarantee a long life.

It did do well on day release – perhaps owing to it being available on Game Pass – with it debuting at no.1 on the UK charts. But it was, unfortunately, short-lived, with interest in the game waning pretty quickly after that. At the time of writing, the Steam page shows a review score of “mixed.”

Still, with the Shattered Space DLC being announced and the release of the Creation Kit, maybe Starfield might enjoy a bit of a second wind.

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