Starfield PC Mod Dramatically Improves Inventory Management

A Starfield mod show sitem counts in the inventory menus.
A Starfield mod show sitem counts in the inventory menus.

We have now fully entered the era of Starfield by way of its September 6 launch, and that also means we’ve entered the era of Starfield mods. You may have already seen some, such as a controversial one that integrates Nvidia rendering tech into the game, but another recently published PC mod improves a commonly cited gameplay frustration: the inventory UI.

Starfield, like many Bethesda Game Studios works before it, features tons and tons and tons of things you can pick up to use or sell. It’s not uncommon to have an inventory full to bursting of various weapons, food items, crafting resources, and miscellaneous objects. By default, Starfield sorts all of your items into large categories. Take weapons, for example: Starfield sorts all guns and melee weapons under “Weapons,” with no separate categories for “shotguns” or “pistols.” And there’s also no way to sort your inventory by value, weight, or available ammo in the case of firearms. That’s where StarUI Inventory from Nexus Mods user m8r98a4f2 comes in, dramatically improving the options you have for sorting and making sense of your (probably over-encumbered) inventory.

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The mod also features a few other nice options, like the ability to go straight back to your gameplay from the inventory screen (Starfield features menus upon menus that can be bewildering the first time through). You can also bulk-sell to vendors based on categories of items, making transactions even speedier.

Full installation instructions can be found on StarUI’s nexusmod page.

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