Startupbootcamp unveils 12 fintech startups for 2017 Singapore cohort


These 12 startups were picked from over 450 international applicants and will cover the spectrum of fintech, including Wealth Management, Payments and Insurtech

Startupbootcamp’s 2017 Singapore cohort

Global fintech accelerator Startupbootcamp has today announced the 12 fintech startups that will be joining its 2017 Singapore cohort.

These teams were selected from over 450 international applicants and cover the spectrum of the fintech sector, including Wealth Management, Payments and Insurtech.

At the programme, they will be able to receive mentorship from over 400 entrepreneurs, investors and corporate partners and access masterclasses that cover topics such as legal, leadership strategy, sales and investment positioning.

In addition, each team will receive S$25,000 (US$17,700) and six months of free office space at Lattice80, a 30,000 sq ft fintech hub.

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They will also be able to test-trial their solutions, access industry data, pilot customers, connectivity and additional capital through partnerships with financial corporations such as MasterCard, CIMB, RHB, DBS, PWC, Jungle Ventures, PixVine Capital, and Intesa Sanpolo. Government-backed innovation bodies such as Accreditation@IDA, ThinkZone and SGInnovate will also be supporting these startups.

Here are the 12 startups: (India)

Jumper leverages on a unified AI interface to help merchants sell products and collect payments on social media platforms through hashtags and super-powered shortlinks.

Scalend Technologies (India)

Scalend is an analytics platform that helps businesses gather customer insights, optimise user experience through predictive big data and machine learning, using a web app.

Fugle (Taiwan)

Fugle is a digital brokerage firm which aims to help investors to get accurate financial information in the shortest amount of time. (United Kingdom)

MosrtShorted is a platform helps investors gather accurate data on short positions in equity markets through collecting and aggregating data on hedge funds and activist shorts.

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It also sends out live data and and real time alerts on major changes in shorts in the EU equity market.

Smart Trade (Japan)

Smart Trade is a quantitative trading platform which helps engineers develop, use and share trading algorithms. They can use the web app to develop algorithms to evaluate artificial intelligence estimations or financial indicators.

Tixguru (Taiwan)

Tixguru is a trading platform that uses deep modelling to provide accurate market analysis and forecast, optimised portfolio management. It also provides a robot advisor that optimises trading with a system that minimises price fluctuations.

Welltrado (Lithuania)

Welltrado is an alternative investment marketplace that leverages on p2p lending and crowdfunding platforms.

Morakot Technology (Cambodia)

Morakot specialises in building core-banking systems for microfinance institutions and banks. Its Morakot VB software supports full accounting, multi-branch and multi-currency systems.

Small Ticket (South Korea)

Small Ticket is a p2p platform that distributes insurance products, using a system of connected groups and controlled risks.

CherryPay (Taiwan)

CherryPay is a cross-border p2p money transfer matching platform. It claims that its system eliminates high transnational transfer fees.

AIM (South Korea)

AIM (or Automated Investment Service) is a robo advisor that helps retail investors manage their portfolio, select the best investment choices and optimise allocation of assets.

SmartFolios (Singapore)

SmartFolios is an online advisory and investment platform that helps investors reach their investment goals through data science, financial quantitative research, and a community of investors and experts.

Image Credit: Startupbootcamp

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