These startups from Taiwan are bringing the benchmark to the next level

These startups from Taiwan are bringing the benchmark to the next level

25 startups captivated the region at the TA#3 Demo Day X Echelon TOP100 Qualifiers Roadshow in Taiwan

Taiwan is widely known to have a well-established startup ecosystem across the world, but these startups, accelerators, and investors are advancing the conversation; raising the benchmark to the next level — as seen in the inaugural Echelon TOP100 Qualifiers Roadshow in the country this year.

miniDot, a platform that allows users to have dynamic user profiles that go beyond the superficiality of other social media platforms by focusing on sharing personal accounts and story to build deeper connections amongst clinched the Fan Favourite award.

The overall winner was startup Celequa, who clinched the Judge’s Choice award.

The startup is an aquaculture company that aims to remove antibiotic residues from Taiwan’s fish farms and in turn providing businesses a platform to purchase chemical-free fish.

According to the judges, Celaqua adopts a sustainable business model of fish farming that would revolutionise the fishery industry while ensuring that the environment is not harmed in any way.

Here are some of the “spoils-of-war” they have scored from the competition:

  • Exhibition booth at Echelon Asia Summit 2018
  • 6 months hot desk pass (Usable at any WeWork space in Southeast Asia)
  • Additional digits in the bank account – S$500 (US$380)

TA#3 Demo Day Coverage

The TA #3 Demo Day was a resounding success with an auditorium filled with the brightest minds within the startup ecosystem – eagerly anticipating the presentations and discussions that follow.

One of the startups that made a strong impression on the judges was Adbert with their unique range of products and services in relation to data management and advertising.

By effectively utilising real-time data available in the market for various segments, companies are able to maintain their agility and flexibility in their ad spend and deployment.

Attendees were also given the chance to get down to the ground to understand the products that were being presented close-up at the demo booths.

Watch the #catchup Facebook Live broadcast below.

Everyone’s a Winner

The rest of the startups who pitched may not have won any awards, but they will also receive a chance to attend Echelon Asia Summit 2018 as part of the Echelon TOP 100 startups cohort. This is after we here at e27 have tabulated their scores and ranked them against the rest of the startups pitching in the other TOP100 Qualifier markets.

Let’s take a quick recap of all the other fabulous startups, to whom which we applaud their efforts.

Echelon TOP100 Taiwan Qualifiers and Roadshow startups

1. Ownrides

Ownrides is an online platform for tourists to customize their private tours and book their drivers for their tours directly.

2. Lasso

Lasso is a design marketplace where designers are able to upload their own unique designs for businesses and consumers alike to find the right skillsets and portfolios required.

3. Outland

Outland has a mission to provide better and easier tools for backpackers to use. At the moment, their Hello Wings platform allows for real-time information to be fed into an app for budget and low-cost carriers.

4. iGoods

iGoods is a platform that provides material donation and media matching services to prevent the occurrence of idle resources and for the sharing economy to flourish.

5. Blueseeds

Blueseeds looks to offer 100% environment-friendly products for household use whilst providing local farmers with opportunities to construct an ethical retail system while protecting the environment.

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6. UpperMed

UpperMed aims to digitise existing medical data through science and technology and find useful data to improve the medical quality of service patients.

7. SoftChef

Sensor.Live by SoftChef is an open hardware IoT Management Platform SaaS packs a punch with device management, data collection and visual data analytics that works seamlessly with your cloud account.

8. Nestech

Nestech primary focus is in the integration of access control system by using fog computing, edge computing and artificial intelligence and providing turnkey solutions for building automation, intelligent office and more.


HERO is a product by MobioSense that is a portable device aimed at reducing the costs and delays of blood tests by letting patients do their own analysis at home and sending the results to doctors using IoT.

10. FlowVIEW

FlowVIEW is founded by the Industry Technology Research Institute (ITRI) and is committed to solving problems related to nanoscale materials across the biotech, semiconductor and energy industries.

11. Allton

Allton is looking to revolutionise the home lighting system by making it smart. By utilising IoT technologies, they have created various products to improve the health of users such as the circadian lighting system with the convenience of the control box that has an accompanying smartphone application.

12. Leapsy

Leapsy is bringing Augmented Reality (AR) and Mixed Reality (MR) technology to the masses with the newest immersive technology that provides businesses with an alternative form of engagement with their target market.

13. Kuchi

Kuchi specialises in financial products analysis that helps investors make better investment decisions tailored to their own needs through their web-based daily trading evaluation tool for the Taiwanese stock market.

14. Dr. Pay

Dr. Pay is a digital financial services platform for the healthcare industry by leveraging on the blockchain infrastructure that supports a decentralised method for virtual currency payments.
15. Teafolks

Teafolks is an international tea trading platform that simplifies the wholesale and retail process for farmers and merchants.

16. Hitofun

Hitofun looks to optimise the way consumers view the hotelier industry by reviewing the way hotels are implementing their time-based strategy.

17. Creativity Lab

Creativity Lab is a social enterprise looking to integrate technology for social engagement to give back to society.

18. Toii

Toii is looking to gamify your travel experiences with the use of Augmented Reality (AR) and geo-location games.

19. NeoSpace

NeoSpace provides incentives for media industries and shop owners to take the initiative in refining information based on rapid market change, to become a self-regulating platform that leverages IoT, BI prediction, and AR technology.

20. Merimommy

Merimommy looks to bring healthcare to the next level by leveraging on their proprietary technology to change the way consumers view the industry.

21. Takeme

Takeme uses the latest Augmented Reality technology and Big Data to automate the process for consumers when interacting with their application.

22. Abbo

Abbo is changing the e-commerce landscape with their solution that benefits both business owners and consumers when it comes to ease of use and has a clean UX design.

23. BellaQ

BellaQ is actively involved in the bio-technology field and is using their own methodology and product to advance the understanding of the field.

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