Steam Game Recording Launches in Beta

The blue Steam logo with a red Record button in the center.
The blue Steam logo with a red Record button in the center.

If you’ve ever been playing a game on Steam and felt a need to share a particularly awesome moment, well now you can. The PC platform has recently launched its Game Recording feature that, as the name suggests, allows users to clip and share videos from their playthroughs.

Send your Steam clips anywhere

While it’s currently only available for those who have opted in for Beta testing, Steam Game Recording is a built-in system for “creating and sharing your gameplay footage,” according to a recent post. Although it’s not in full release yet, it’s said to work on “any Steam game” in its current state.

As for what you can actually do with this feature, well the main thing is being able to record as you play. A background recording mode will allow you to save directly to your hard-drive, with an option to set “specified duration and storage limits.”

You can also replay any footage back, presumably in real-time, as well as clip anything you find interesting. Of course, the other big feature is being able to share your footage with others.

In Steam Game Recording, you can send them directly to friends in chat or send them to your PC for sharing, all done through the Save/Share menu at any point during play. And for those wondering: yes, it’s also compatible with the Steam Deck. You can read more about how it all works here.

Watching video game footage and clips has become very commonplace these days. The fact that Steam now allows for this functionality in its own platform will be great for those who enjoy sharing their best moments with others.

There’s no telling when Game Recording will be launched fully, but for now, if you’re a Steam Beta tester, you can begin getting to grips with the new feature.

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