Stephanie Waring was 'distraught' over Hollyoaks axe

Stephanie Waring was devastated when she was told she was being axed from Hollyoaks credit:Bang Showbiz
Stephanie Waring was devastated when she was told she was being axed from Hollyoaks credit:Bang Showbiz

Stephanie Waring was "distraught" and "cried uncontrollably" when she found out she was being axed from 'Hollyoaks'.

The 46-year-old actress has been involved with the show for almost 30 years since making her debut as Cindy Cunningham back in 1996 but she recently found out she's among the stars being given the boot as part of a cast reduction strategy - and she's admitted the news left her inconsolable.

She told The Sun newspaper: "In the meeting they read from a script and a tear fell from my eye because I could just feel it in the room.

"They got to the end and said: ‘And with that, we will be losing Cindy from the show’. I just kept saying: ‘I don’t understand’. I was very distraught, I didn’t take it well - I was probably the most dramatic person they told.

"I just kept telling them ‘I’m an original character’. I was clutching at anything - telling them ‘but I was the first person to give birth on the show!’ I could see the distress I was causing them because they were upset that I was so upset."

She added of her reaction: "I just left and cried uncontrollably. I went into make-up and I fell into two of my co-star's arms who held me as I sobbed until I calmed down a bit.

"I drove home to my fiancé [Tom Brookes] and cried in his arms for the rest of the night. I was in total disbelief."

Stephanie went on to reveal she ended up taking a week off work so she could process the news in private, admitting 'Hollyoaks' bosses were very supportive during the tough time.

The actress later broke the news of her exit in a candid post on Instagram, writing: "I can’t believe I am writing this and I have taken the last two weeks to process and come to terms with the shock of what I am about to say.

"I am heartbroken to announce that my character of Cindy has been included in the actors reduction of Hollyoaks.

"As an actress obviously I understand there are no jobs for life but with my 28 years on the show I hoped that Cindy would survive the exciting revamp and continue into its new era, especially as I began playing her in 1996, making me the only original cast member remaining to be included in the cast cull, which I can only describe as gutting.

"I was given the chance to say I had chosen to quit the show to spare me any embarrassment of revealing that I’ve been axed, which was very kind but I don’t want to lie to the fans who have followed Cindy’s journey for nearly 3 decades as I believe they know she nor I would ever have left the show by choice, Hollyoaks is in my blood and I have loved every minute of walking in Cindy’s heels.

"I would like to add that I totally understand all shows evolve, so whilst I cannot hide my devastation I can only express my gratitude for my time on the show and respect the producers decision with no anger just sadness. (sic)"

She added: "On a personal note, whilst I currently can’t imagine a life away from my 'Hollyoaks' family or being Cindy, who will always remain a part of me, I know that on my last day I’ll walk out with my head held high, even if my mascara is still running! (sic)"

Her exit is part of a massive shake-up on the soap which has led to 20 castmembers being given the boot, episodes being cut from five away to three and the show being moved from its longtime home on Channel 4 to E4 and YouTube.