Stephen Colbert Dogs 'Desperate' VP Wannabe With Bad News About Trump

Stephen Colbert on Monday night devoted much of his opening monologue to a bizarre confession by South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem, who he said “desperately” wants to be Donald Trump’s running mate.

“His last one, for some reason, just didn’t hang in there,” Colbert cracked on “The Late Show.”

But her chances of being picked are plunging over a story she explains in her new book.

“If you like puppies, you’re not gonna like Kristi Noem,” Colbert said.

In the book, Noem details killing her 14-month-old dog, Cricket, after the “untrainable” pooch attacked a neighbor’s chickens.

“Gov. Noem, if you don’t like untrainable animals that wolf down chicken, I have bad news about your party’s nominee,” Colbert said, and showed a picture of Trump enjoying some KFC.

He was just getting started.

See his full takedown of Noem in his Monday night monologue: