Stephen Colbert Jokes Trump Took a ‘White Power Nap’ in Court | Video

Donald Trump fell asleep in court on Tuesday, the second day in a row he’s nodded off during his criminal trial in New York. Naturally, “The Late Show” host Stephen Colbert was delighted about this embarrassing spectacle, and he proposed an interesting theory for why it might be happening.

But first, he coined an excellent pun about the nap Trump took on Monday. “Yesterday, Trump fell asleep. During the proceedings. He took a little white power nap,” Colbert said. “But today he was sharp, focused and he fell asleep again.”

The CBS host then dropped his theory as to why Trump keeps sleeping in court, adding, “And in a totally unrelated story, there’s a national Adderall shortage. No relation.”

“Trump must have snoozed for a while because the court sketch artist had time to draw him,” Colbert said as a screenshot of the actual court sketch appeared. “Well, I think we found the new mascot for Celestial Seasonings: Sleepy crime tea.”

Later in the monologue, Colbert came up with a novel way for Trump to end up with a favorable jury. He got there by noting that among the ways Trump tried to con his way out of having to attend court every day, he asked to attend his son, Baron Trump’s high school graduation.

Colbert noted that the presiding judge said, “‘It really depends on if we are on time and where we are in the trial.’ But he has to go to the graduation. He already wrote the speech.”

Then Colbert did his impression of Trump giving a speech, saying, “‘Mr. valedictorian, you say the future is bright, but the truth is our country is dying. There is no future and Valerie is not the true prom queen. The election was stolen from me. Stop the steal crooked Mallory.'”

“Now to be clear, Judge Merchan never said Trump couldn’t attend his son’s graduation, but that did not stop Trump from pretending,” Colbert said, quoting the unhinged message Trump posted on Truth Social claiming this was the case. And this brought him to the jury situation.

One of the things Trump said in that message was he “will likely not be allowed to attend his graduation ceremony.”

“I don’t blame him for wanting someone else to do that,” Colbert joked, meaning the judge. Imitating Trump again, he said, “Son, you know how right after you were born, I cheated on your mom? I banged a porn star? Oh, you didn’t know that. You want to be on my jury?”

Watch the whole monologue, above.

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