Stevie Nicks thanks Taylor Swift for a specific song after Christine McVie’s death

Stevie Nicks has publicly thanked Taylor Swift for a song that expresses her feelings after the death of her good friend and bandmate, Christine McVie.

Nicks and McVie had worked together as members of Fleetwood Mac since the early 1970s and spoke often of their close friendship.

McVie died in November 2022 at age 79 after a stroke. She had also been diagnosed with metastatic cancer.

Towards the end of her show in Atlanta, Georgia, on Monday (22 May), Nicks spoke of how meaningful Swift’s song “You’re On Your Own, Kid” was to her.

“Thank you to Taylor Swift for doing this favour for me. And that is: writing a song called ‘You’re On Your Own, Kid’,” she told the crowd.

“That is the sadness of how I feel. As long as Chris was even on the other side of the world... we didn't have to talk on the phone.

“We’d go back to Fleetwood Mac, we’d walk in and be like, ‘Hello sister, how are you.’ There was no... never a minute had passed. Never an argument in our entire 47 years, never.”

Nicks, 74, continued by explaining that Swift’s song about forging through life’s hardships alone resonated with her after the loss of her companion.

“So, when it was the two of us, the two of us were ‘on our own, kids’. We always were. And now, I’m having to learn to be ‘on my own, kid’, by myself.”

Stevie Nicks, Taylor Swift, Christine McVie (Getty)
Stevie Nicks, Taylor Swift, Christine McVie (Getty)

This is not the first time that Nicks has namechecked the work of younger artists that count her as an inspiration.

After the news of McVie’s death was announced, the “Edge of Seventeen” vocalist called upon the words of Haim in a tribute.

Using their 2020 song “Hallelujah”, which speaks of the wonder and gratitude of sisterhood, Nicks shared a handwritten note with the lyrics: “Why me, how’d I get this? Hallelujah.”