Stevie Wonder's 9 Children: Everything to Know

Stevie Wonder’s nine kids are singers, models and fashion designers

Randy Shropshire/WireImage  Stevie Wonder and his kids
Randy Shropshire/WireImage Stevie Wonder and his kids

Stevie Wonder, born Stevland Hardaway Morris, has 10 No. 1 hits on the Billboard Top 100 charts, 25 Grammys and nine children to call his own.

"I got, how many, 22 kids?" he jokingly asked of his growing family during an appearance on The View in 2014.

Wonder first became a father back in 1975, when his girlfriend Yolanda Simmons gave birth to Aisha, for whom Wonder wrote the 1976 hit "Isn't She Lovely." The then-couple welcomed one more child, Keita, before they split.

Wonder had his third child, Mumtaz, in 1983 with vocalist Melody McCully, who sang with the Oscar winner for years. His fourth child, Sophia, was born in 1985, followed by his fifth child, Kwame, three years later.

In 2001 and 2005, he welcomed sons Kailand and Mandla with his ex-wife Kai Millard, whom he divorced in 2012. In 2017, Wonder wed again, tying the knot with Tomeeka Robyn Bracy. At the time of their wedding, the pair had already welcomed two children, Zaiah and Nyah.

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"I give a lot of credit to the mothers of my children," Wonder told O, The Oprah Magazine in 2004. "They've raised the children well."

Wonder also clarified that although he was no longer in relationships with some of his kids' mothers, he was not an absent dad. "I'm not one of those fathers who just send money," he said. "I guide them as a father and talk to them as a friend. I always want my children to feel they can tell me anything."

Here is everything to know about Stevie Wonder's nine children.

Aisha Zakia Morris, 48

Johnny Nunez/WireImage Stevie Wonder with his daughter Aisha Morris.
Johnny Nunez/WireImage Stevie Wonder with his daughter Aisha Morris.

Aisha Zakia Morris was born to Wonder and his then-partner, Simmons, on April 7, 1975, per The New York Times. "She was the one thing that I needed in my life and in my music for a long time," the singer later told Women's Own magazine, per Rolling Stone.

A year after her birth, Aisha became widely known as the inspiration for one of her dad's most famous songs, "Isn't She Lovely."

"I remember writing 'Isn't She Lovely?' — I can almost cry right now thinking about it," the songwriter told O Magazine of the track. Wonder included a recording of his new baby at the end of the song. "The sound of my daughter Aisha splashing in the bathtub created a picture," he added. "That was emotion stuck in a moment, and that can never, ever be taken away."

Aisha and her brother Keita primarily lived with their mother in New Jersey, The New Yorker reported in 1995, but Wonder's eldest was still on hand for many of the biggest moments in her father's career. Aisha attended Wonder's induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1989 and the 1996 Grammy Awards, where he received a lifetime achievement award.

Around 2000, Aisha became a mother to a son named Miles. "My daughter has a little boy," Wonder told Oprah Winfrey in 2004. "He calls me Pop Pop because I refuse to be called Granddad."

Aisha also became a singer in her own right, appearing on stage alongside Wonder for many of his tours. In 2006, the father-daughter pair were nominated for a Grammy for best R&B performance by a duo or group with vocals for "How Will I Know." Aisha was also featured on a track called "Positivity."

In 2015, Wonder's eldest daughter paid tribute to her father during Stevie Wonder — Songs in the Key of Life: An All-Star Grammy Salute. The evening was filled with performances from Jennifer Hudson, Janelle Monáe and Ariana Grande, but Aisha's performance was particularly special. To close out the show, she joined Ne-Yo during the second verse of "Isn't She Lovely," changing the lyrics to say, "My dad is wonderful."

By 2018, Aisha was the music director at KJLH, a Los Angeles-area R&B and classic soul radio station owned by Wonder. "I wear other hats as well," she told UnTouchable Magazine. "Currently I am not on the road with [my dad]. I do several different other things under his umbrella, but currently, I am over at the radio station."

That same year, Aisha appeared on an episode of Dancing with the Stars: Juniors in support of her little brother, Mandla, who was competing on the show. A few years later, in 2020, she sang "Where Is Our Love Song" with her father and four of her siblings.

Keita Sawandi Morris, 46

Eugene Powers/Shutterstock Stevie Wonder with his son Keita Morris.
Eugene Powers/Shutterstock Stevie Wonder with his son Keita Morris.

Aisha became a big sister on April 17, 1977, when Keita Sawandi Morris was born to Wonder and Simmons.

He grew up in New Jersey with his mom and older sister. New York Magazine reported in 1998 that Keita attended Hartford College in Connecticut before moving to New York City, where he and some friends started a record label called Stay Gold. In 1997, Keita appeared on the docuseries Classic Albums to discuss his father's 1976 album Songs in the Key of Life.

In 2006, Keita became a dad to son Asmar. He later welcomed a daughter named Lula.

Wonder's eldest son goes by the moniker DJ Jersey Wonder, and his personal Instagram page says he is an artist, producer, songwriter, designer, advertiser and grateful dad.

Mumtaz Ekow Morris, 40

Brian To/FilmMagic Mumtaz Morris in 2011.
Brian To/FilmMagic Mumtaz Morris in 2011.

Mumtaz Ekow Morris joined Wonder's family on Oct. 13, 1983. Born to the "That's What Friends Are For" singer and vocalist McCully, Mumtaz grew up in Southern California.

As a child, Mumtaz didn't have a natural inclination toward music. "[My mom] recalls that when I was young, she would try to get me to sing, and I was awful, and had no ear for pitch," he told Las Vegas Black Image in 2010. "Now she says, 'I don't know where your voice came from.' [I] just wanted to play football and basketball."

Mumtaz's childhood was also largely spent out of the limelight. "I lived with my mother the majority of time when I was young and lived a very regular life like other children," he told the outlet. "When I would go to my dad's house, it was like the bomb — with a lot of stuff that amazed me. My dad would play games with me, and it was so much fun."

The 25-time Grammy winner also instilled the importance of hard work in his son. "I remember getting out of school and wanting to see my dad, [so] I would go to the studio. I knew I would be able to catch him there rehearsing," Mumtaz recalled. "He would sometimes be in the studio from 12 p.m. until 5 p.m. the following day."

When he was 17, Mumtaz took up the piano and singing. "I stopped playing [football] and started doing music," he said in a 2010 interview with Forever Entertainment Media. "The notes started sounding like they actually made sense, people stopped saying, 'Turn that down,' and I thought, 'Maybe I can do this.' "

In 2001, Mumtaz graduated from Highland High School, where his father caused a stir by showing up at the commencement ceremony, per MTV. Wonder even performed acapella and imparted a few words of wisdom to the graduating class. After graduation, he left for Virginia to study business and entrepreneurship at Norfolk State University.

The former athlete also continued to develop his musical skills. "I used to play music in college, and my schoolmates used to really like it and encouraged me to do more," he told Las Vegas Black Image. "I used to sway away from music, because it was something my dad did — and I wanted to make my own career path."

By 2009, Mumtaz had begun to perform publicly, singing the national anthem in Tokyo for the Notre Dame Japan Bowl. His personal life was also taking off: Mumtaz reportedly tied the knot with his high school sweetheart, Candice, around the same time.

The couple have since welcomed five children, including daughters Berklee Michelle, Bella Marie and London, as well as sons MJ and Liam.

In 2010, Mumtaz joined his dad on stage at the Hollywood Bowl to perform "Ribbon in the Sky." He was also hard at work on his own music — he released a single called "Do It Well" with Snoop Dogg that same year.

Ten years later, the singer provided backing vocals for his father's track "Where Is Our Love Song" alongside four of his siblings. While Mumtaz has largely worked as an insurance field adjuster since 2016, he became an independent consultant in March 2022, according to his LinkedIn.

Sophia Morris, 38

Maury Phillips/Getty Sophia Morris in 2017.
Maury Phillips/Getty Sophia Morris in 2017.

Wonder's fourth child, Sophia Morris, was born in July 1985. Like her older siblings, Sophia stayed out of the spotlight growing up.

In 2020, she was a coordinator and producer for UNESCO's World Day for African and Afrodescendant Culture event in San Jose, Costa Rica.

In October of that year, Sophia had even more to announce: she designed a special piece of jewelry in collaboration with celebrity jeweler Boodaddy Diamonds. The necklace spelled out the word "love" in Braille.

"The vision was for it to be inspired by the work that I'm doing with children who are visually impaired," Sophia shared with toofab. "I'm working on developing a nonprofit and luckily I was able to share that vision with Boodaddy Diamonds and we put it together."

In 2021, Sophia also served as a producer for the Global Citizen Live event in L.A., where her father performed with singer and percussionist Sheila E.

The following year, Sophia dedicated a birthday post to her famous father on Instagram, calling him her "best friend."

"Daddy, to me, you are the truest embodiment of the Word of God and the transformative power of love," she wrote. "You've inspired me to use my gifts to support and empower those whom deserve an equitable chance. I am so grateful for the strength, wisdom, faith, and confidence you have instilled in me throughout my life."

Kwame Morris, 35

ANGELA WEISS/AFP Stevie Wonder and his son Kwame Morris in 2017.
ANGELA WEISS/AFP Stevie Wonder and his son Kwame Morris in 2017.

Wonder's fifth child, Kwame Morris, was born in Sydney on Aug. 6, 1988. Kwame lived in Sydney until he moved to L.A. at the age of 12, according to his Chaac Ventures biography.

In 2011, Wonder's third-born son appeared on the red carpet with his brother Mumtaz for the 24th ASCAP Rhythm and Soul Music Awards. At the time, Kwame was studying sociology with a concentration in media and art at Morehouse College in Atlanta. After graduating in 2013, he became a production coordinator for the clothing brand L'AGENCE, per his LinkedIn.

In 2015, Kwame moved on to Tiffany Casting Company, where he worked for two years as an assistant to the casting director. By 2016, Kwame had also begun modeling, gracing the pages of Vogue Italia. He later started working with Storm Model Management.

Kwame and his father made headlines in 2017 when they followed Colin Kaepernick's lead and took a knee together at the Global Citizen Festival in protest of police brutality against Black Americans. "Tonight, I'm taking a knee for America," Wonder said at the event. "Not just one knee, but I'm taking both knees. Both knees in prayer for our planet, our future, leaders of our world and our globe. Amen."

In 2020, Kwame developed his own eyewear line called Yagan Stone Eyewear. Three years later, Kwame welcomed a child named Kenzo with his partner Akira Egawa.

Kailand Morris, 22

Randy Shropshire/Getty Kailand Morris and Stevie Wonder.
Randy Shropshire/Getty Kailand Morris and Stevie Wonder.

Kailand Morris was born in September 2001, to Wonder and his second wife, stylist and fashion designer Kai Millard. Wonder's fourth son grew up in Calabasas, California, with his younger sibling, Mandla, per Rolling Stone.

Before he was 10, his parents had separated — but not before setting Kailand's career plans into motion. "At a young age, I was influenced by some of the stuff my dad and my mum did, like the performing and the fashion shows," he told The Glass Magazine in 2021. "So I really started to soak in as much as I could."

As Kailand revealed to Pause magazine in 2018, he even played drums on the road with Wonder as a child. "Back when I was a little younger, I used to go on tour with my Dad," he said. "When I told him that ['Superstition'] was my favorite song, he was like, 'Why don't you come out and play it with me?' So I ended up playing the drums to 'Superstition' because he always closed with that song."

Kailand was also influenced by the fashion industry. "Growing up, I was always around designer shoes, womenswear brands," he told Boys by Girls in 2021. "I would always be at Fashion Week, even before I knew I loved Fashion Week, I was just there at the shows."

Despite their divorce in 2012, Kailand's parents remained united when it came to their shared love for their children and helping others. "When I was around the age of 12 or 13, instead of having a birthday party, my parents decided to share the special day in a way that benefits others," Kailand recalled to MASH in 2021. "I partnered with a nonprofit called All It Takes, and every birthday, I would host a charity basketball game."

His parents' actions left a deep impression on the budding fashion designer. "This foundation of giving back definitely started then, and as I grew older, I wanted to develop my own nonprofit," he added.

In 2020, he released a T-shirt design under his fashion line, House of KOM. The proceeds went toward the Black Lives Matter movement, per Women's Wear Daily. Kailand followed it up with a second T-shirt collection with the Italian brand Iceberg in October 2020.

The proceeds of this collection went to the Watts Empowerment Center, an organization that provided students with access to the internet for virtual schooling during the COVID-19 pandemic. "A huge passion of mine ever since I was a kid was to be able to provide and give back to communities, families, people ... all around the world," he told WWD. He collaborated with Iceberg again for its spring 2022 collection, according to V Magazine.

The designer has also worked as a model, walking his first runway at Dolce & Gabbana's spring/summer 2019 show in Milan. As Kailand would later explain to Rolling Stone, however, he never intended to stop at modeling. "I guess I was gaining a more personal one-on-one experience with the designers," he said. "Seeing how they operate."

Kailand has said that Wonder inspired all of his aspirations. "I think one of the most influential things my dad ever said to me was all of your dreams, goals and ambitions are there in the world waiting for you, it's more or less just you walking into them," Kailand told Rolling Stone. "I am really trying to be the youngest Black billionaire."

Mandla Morris, 18

Mandla Morris Instagram Mandla Morris and Stevie Wonder.
Mandla Morris Instagram Mandla Morris and Stevie Wonder.

On May 13, 2005 — Wonder's 55th birthday — he became a father seven times over when his son Mandla Kadjaly Carl Stevland Morris was born. Wonder shares Mandla with Millard.

Mandla grew up in California with his brother Kailand and his parents until the couple separated in 2009. At age 13, Wonder's youngest son got his first taste of the limelight when he competed on Dancing with the Stars: Juniors. "My dad is very supportive with stuff like this. The first thing that he said was, 'If you're gonna do it, you have to be really dedicated,' " he told Access Hollywood at the time.

Wonder even made a cameo on an episode of the show, where he sang "Isn't She Lovely?" for Mandla and partner Brightyn Brems' dance. "It means so much to me," Mandla said of his dad's appearance. "Thank you so much, Dad, for coming out and performing with me. I really appreciate it."

"It looked good to me!" Wonder joked of his son's dance. Though Mandla was eliminated from the show the following week, his time in showbiz wasn't over. He also had a small role in A Star Is Born.

He has continued to work with his father, too. In 2020, Mandla was on the cover of ODDA magazine with his father and brother. That same year, he also sang on "Where Is Our Love Song" with his father and siblings.

Zaiah Morris

Kevin Mazur/WireImage Tomeeka Robyn Bracy and Stevie Wonder with their daughter in 2015.
Kevin Mazur/WireImage Tomeeka Robyn Bracy and Stevie Wonder with their daughter in 2015.

Wonder's eighth child, Zaiah, was born to the musician and his third wife, Bracy, with whom he tied the knot in 2017. While Zaiah's exact birthdate is not public, she was born before 2014, when Wonder's ninth child, Nyah, was born.

Zaiah is one of five Morris children featured on the song "Where Is Our Love Song" with her dad. In December 2022, Billboard reported that Zaiah and Nyah performed with Wonder at his House Full of Toys Benefit Concert.

Nyah Morris, 9

In late 2014, Wonder and Bracy welcomed their second child together, a baby girl named Nyah.

Wonder gave some insight into his ninth baby's name in a 2014 appearance on The View, where he also dispelled rumors that he and his wife would soon be welcoming triplets. "It's not true," he said. "The truth is we're going to have a wonderful daughter, [to be] born in December, name is going to be Nyah, which is 'purpose.' "

In 2020, Nyah was featured on "Where Is Our Love Song" with four of her siblings.

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