When will it stop raining in London? Five day forecast after cold weekend

Commuters attempt to shelter as they cross London Bridge (George Cracknell Wright)
Commuters attempt to shelter as they cross London Bridge (George Cracknell Wright)

After a freezing Friday and Saturday brought London rudely into December, the capital has felt warmer - and wetter - conditions.

Over a disrupted weekend, London Stansted Airport had cancellations due to frosty and icy conditions. On Monday, drivers were warned of “very treacherous icy conditions” in parts of the UK.

Sunday and Monday have seen highs of around 7C but also intermittent showers, but London did not see a feared yellow warning for rain. However, more than 30 flood alerts were put in place for the UK.

On Sunday morning, more than 2,500 people in Cumbria were left without electricity, as the county’s fire and rescue service said it worked through the night to rescue drivers from cars trapped in deep snow.

This is what could be in store for London for the rest of the week.

Five-day forecast: when will it stop raining?


“This will be a cold, damp, cloudy night, with periods of rain and perhaps some sleet on hills,” the Met Office forecast reads for London.

“This rain is probably heaviest and most persistent in the west before generally easing later.”

There is set to be a minimum overnight temperature of 3C.



December 5 is set to be a cold affair, however, with spells of rain becoming lighter, fewer and further between.

The peak temperature will be 7C and rain is most likely to be felt in the morning while there could be some sunshine over lunchtime.


The mercury will dip to a peak of 5C on Wednesday, which will begin with mist or fog.

“Wednesday probably starts cold but fine after early frost and fog,” the Met Office said.


A return to rain looks likely for Thursday with the BBC predicting showers will be light but consistent throughout the day. There is, however, set to be peak temperatures of 9C. Friday

It will be similar, according to the BBC, on Friday although temperatures are set to reach 10C. “There will be a gradual change to milder, wetter and windier conditions to end the working week,” the Met Office said.