Surprising no one, Starfield players are already filling their ships with junk

 Starifled - a player holds their arms out, encompassing all the junk on the floor of their spaceship
Starifled - a player holds their arms out, encompassing all the junk on the floor of their spaceship

The true nemesis in all of Bethesda's big RPGs isn't dragons or raiders, it's encumbrance. It's back again in Starfield and your junk collecting habits will not go unpunished. When your personal inventory fills up you can start storing items in your ship cargo hold, but when that fills up too, some folks have just decided to chuck space junk all over their ship as a last ditch effort to never leave any piece of trash behind.

As spotted by Kotaku, one of the top posts on the Starfield subreddit less than 24 hours after the premium edition release time is an admission by player Swampyswede that they "may have picked up too much stuff on the first mission."

Yeah, I'll say. Swampyswede seems to have considered everything not nailed to the floor a vital object, bringing back succulents, books, staple guns, portable fans, and giant chunks of what looks like charred wood. The comments in particular are lauding the collection of succulents. I'll admit, I'd probably start a little collection of the snake plants if it were me.

Another player Geordie_OGK brought back a similar trash stash including wrenches, toilet paper, and at least one sandwich. I'm surprised we haven't seen a player doing a full sandwich collection yet but perhaps Bethesda has stolen everyone's thunder by doing it first.

Then there are the true junk connoisseurs like BarbarianWay1414, who seems to be focused specifically on collecting space mugs. Apparently novelty mugs won't improve in space or the future, where they've found such gems as "liquid happiness" and "I put the 'I' in team" and several United Colonies branded mugs.

This is all largely to be expected, coming away from Fallout 4 that highly encouraged junk hoarding for crafting purposes and Skyrim which encouraged cabbage hoarding for the memes. Goofing around with stupid solutions to problems is tradition in Bethesda's sandbox RPGs, of course. When you see a wheel of cheese in Skyrim, it's just natural to want to take it and dump it in your home with all your other cheese wheels so you can eventually Fus Roh Dah them all and find out how good your GPU is.

But if you've got places to be and you aren't roleplaying a space hoarder, you can just use Starfield console commands to give yourself infinite carry weight.