Swarm of Bees on a Wing Delays Flight at California's John Wayne Airport

A Southwest flight from Orange County, California, to Oakland International Airport on September 30 was delayed due to a swarm of bees on one of the plane’s wings.

A passenger, who did not wish to be named, recorded this footage at John Wayne Airport. The passenger told Storyful about 20 people had boarded the flight when the crew announced it would be delayed because a swarm of bees was attacking the wing.

The public relations manager at the airport, Deanne Thompson, told Storyful that bees were removed from a plane on September 30. The incident proved to be a relatively minor inconvenience though, with the flight leaving only 35 minutes later than scheduled.

This was not the first flight that bees have recently delayed a flight. According to reports, an Air India plane had to abort takeoff in Kolkata on September 17 after bees swarmed the cockpit window, obstructing the pilots’ vision. Credit: Anonymous via Storyful