How Sweet Tooth season 2's emotional ending sets up season 3

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Sweet Tooth season 2's emotional ending explained Netflix

Sweet Tooth season 2 spoilers follow.

Season two of Sweet Tooth has not been particularly kind to Gus (Christian Convery) and the other hybrid kids. Was it ever? However, this season seems to have placed the crew in ever deeper, more perilous danger.

Having been captured by General Abbott (Neil Sandilands) and the Last Men, the children find themselves in the cruel grasp of Dr Singh (Adeel Akhtar).

The not-so-good doctor begins experimenting on the kids in order to find a cure for The Sick.

His extreme measures have led to the death of the hybrids, which has left Gus and his friends with a target on their back.

All this culminates in them executing their escape plan, all the while not knowing that Aimee (Dania Ramirez) and Jeppard (aka Big Man) have recruited others to help rescue them.

We're rooting for either one of these groups to be successful, but will they be? Here's how things pan out for the hybrid kids.

Sweet Tooth season 2 ending explained

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You can stop holding your breaths, we're pleased to report that Big Man's escape plan was indeed successful.

After managing to break the kids out of the zoo, Big Man (Nonso Anozie) takes the kids to Gus' old cabin. However the dastardly General Abbott is hot on their trail and seeks to retrieve the hybrids and bring them back.

Thankfully Gus and the troops are plucky and determined so hauling them back will not be easy.

A battle breaks out between them and The Last Men and just as things get dicey Gus lets out a scream, appearing to summon a buffalo herd. The animals crash their way through the fight and crush General Abbott.

In a poor twist of fate, the general is not dead – worse yet, he manages to pierce Gus in the chest with a bolt from his crossbow.

The young hybrid is left in a worrisome state and just to add to the sense of mounting unease the show then cuts to the children at a funeral.

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We soon come to learn that it is Aimee, not Gus, who has died. After escaping, Aimee realised that she contracted The Sick which is what led to her death.

When Gus finally wakes from his injury he is even more determined to find his mother Birdie.

He speaks of a dream he had about his mother needing help and despite having received a recording of his mother's voice revealing that she's stayed away to keep him safe, Gus cannot be deterred.

He believes that his geneticist mother will be able to do what evil Dr Singh could not. Help find a cure for the virus and uncover the link between hybrids and The Sick.

Birdie's last known location is Alaska, where she was studying the origins of the purple flowers that are connected to the virus.

Leaving the other hybrids in the safety of a trusted neighbour, Gus, Big Man, Becky 'Bear' (Stefania LaVie Owen) and Wendy (Naledi Murray) set off. Their destination? Alaska.

Will they find what they're looking for? That's for season three to determine.

sweet tooth – christian convery as gus
Kirsty Griffin - Netflix

Since the second season of the show dropped on Netflix, executive producer Amanda Burrell said that the origin of the The Sick and how Gus came to contract it will definitely be explored in the next season of the show, after that cliffhanger ending.

"I think it's interesting. We spent a lot of time talking about the logic of the sickness at certain points in our show," she told Distractify.

When asked about the mechanics of some people catching The Sick while others didn't, she pointed to the coronavirus, saying: "There is no logic to things that happen, or why someone gets something and someone doesn't. So I think we just embraced the notion of that randomness a bit.

"But I do think there is going to to be more story to tell. And there's definitely mythology that our writers have fully mapped out.

"So I don't want to say that we've fully embraced randomness: there are answers. But I do think there's something about us all examining, that sometimes things just happen and sometimes you get lucky and sometimes you don't."

Sweet Tooth seasons 1 and 2 are available to stream now on Netflix.

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