Sydney Sweeney 'so excited' when fans urged her to make horror movie

Sydney Sweeney was "really excited" when 'Euphoria' fans clamoured for her to make a horror movie.

The 26-year-old actress went viral in early 2022 with memes of her terrified expressions from the show and she was thrilled by the response because she was already working on her new movie 'Immaculate'.

She told The Hollywood Reporter: “I already had the script so I was really excited to see everybody’s reactions to Euphoria season two and everybody being like, ‘A horror film! Give us a horror film!'

“I was like, ‘Just you wait! I have something in store for you.’ I held onto it for a long time.”

The film sees Sydney play an American nun who transfers to an Italian convent that is filled withdark secrets, and director Michael Mohan teased fans won't be disappointed.

He said: "It absolutely lives up, there’s no doubt in my mind. I am not a confident person — I’m so confident that her fans are going to love it.”

When he was brought on board for the film, the director suggested some script changes which Sydney and her fellow producers agreed to because “the ending was a lot more traditional and [he] had this idea for what the ending could be.”

Michael added: “I think is perhaps the most disturbing ending of any mainstream horror film.”

The 'White Lotus' actress originally auditioned for the film a year ago but it was never made, so she brought the project back with Michael - who previously directed her in 'Everything Sucks' and 'The Voyeurs' - and writer Andrew Lobel.

And the filmmaker was delighted to work with Sydney again.

He said: “This one, Sydney was my boss, she hired me, and I wanted to deliver for her.

“I’m very lucky that we just trust each other, and oftentimes when we’re shooting I’ll do a take and we can look at each other and we know what the other one’s thinking and we just go into the next take knowing that we’re on the same page. That shorthand is wonderful, it makes for a really good working relationship.”