‘Taskmaster’ launching virtual immersive experience

‘Taskmaster’ is launching a new immersive experience credit:Bang Showbiz
‘Taskmaster’ is launching a new immersive experience credit:Bang Showbiz

‘Taskmaster’ is launching a new immersive experience.

The attraction, which will be available in London from 18 September, has been backed by the long-running comedy task series’ hosts Alex Horne, 45, and 56-year-old comic Greg Davies, who will appear virtually during contests signed up for by fans.

A website for the experience – taskmasterliveexperience.com – says: “You can compete to be crowned ‘Taskmaster’ champion. Based on the multi-award-winning hit TV show, this is your chance to step inside the iconic ‘Taskmaster’ house and take part in brand new ludicrous and infuriating tasks just like your favourite comedians.”

It adds competitors can pit themselves against friends and family “to battle for points and be crowned the winner” in a contest “led by bespoke video instructions from Little Alex Horne himself”.

Each group completes four individual tasks being scored on each task by Alex, who appears on screens alongside Greg throughout the experience.

The top five contestants from each group will then play the final task on the ‘Taskmaster’ stage and compete to be crowned winner.

Bosses warn on the experience’s site: “We strongly advise you to go to the toilet in advance so as to not miss any of the live action at the experience.

“No food or drink may be taken into the venue. There is lots to enjoy in the ‘Taskmaster Garden’ before and after your Experience.”

Comic and musician Alex told at the start of the year he had lined up “old school” stand-up Jasper Carrott, 79, to make a TV comeback on ‘Taskmaster’.

He said on the ‘Always Be Comedy’ podcast: “There’s a few old school people who I’d love to have, like Jasper Carrott.

“I think he’s fine, he’s not chasing things, but I think Joe Pasquale would do it and I think he would be great.

“But it’s a big conversation because if you’re having Pasquale, you’re not having someone else and it’s 10 weeks – do you want 10 weeks of Pasquale?

“I don’t know Pasquale.”

‘Taskmaster’ appeared on Channel 4 back in 2020, after five years on Dave.