Taxman, you are the Weakest Link! TV presenter Anne Robinson 'gives away' her fortune

Ex-Weakest Link host Anne Robinson 'gives away' her fortune credit:Bang Showbiz
Ex-Weakest Link host Anne Robinson 'gives away' her fortune credit:Bang Showbiz

Anne Robinson has "given away" her fortune - because she doesn’t want "the taxman to have it".

The former 'Weakest Link' presenter, 79, is estimated to be worth around £50 million, and she has chosen to give most of her wealth to her family - including her 43-year-old daughter Emma Wilson and her two grandchildren Hudson, 14, and Parker, 13 - to avoid a large chunk of her earnings being swallowed up by inheritance tax.

During an interview with Saga magazine, she said: "I've given it all away. I don't want the taxman to have it. I've spread it about quite a lot, to the children. They may as well enjoy it now."

Anne added she has "genuinely no idea" if her net worth is £50 million, but emphasised she doesn't really care for money, and instead prioritises her "good health and the family happiness".

She explained: "I have genuinely no idea. I don't want for much.

"I can't think there's anything I really want except my good health and the family happiness."

Recently, the 'Countdown' host revealed she has started dating Queen Camilla's ex-husband Andrew Parker Bowles after the pair met during a lunch through a mutual friend over a year ago.

Anne admitted she had taken a "long time" to get romantically involved with anyone following her divorce from her second husband, John Penrose, in 2007.

She said: "I'd been out of the game for so long. And also I don't drink. If you don't drink you're not as reckless are you? I've only just thought of that, but I think it's probably true."

The TV star felt it was "worth the risk" getting back onto the dating scene.

She said: "I'd say, like everything else I've done, it's always worth the risk. I'm a great believer in surprising yourself by taking risks. Personally and professionally.

"Nothing ventured, nothing gained. If the worst that can happen is you get some egg on your face, that's not terrible is it?"