Taylor Swift's 'moving' handwritten notes to auction for £3k

Taylor Swift's handwritten quiz is going up for auction as the star takes to the stage

US singer and songwriter Taylor Swift performs on stage at the Groupama Stadium
Taylor Swift's 'moving' handwritten notes to auction for £3k. (Getty)

Taylor Swift takes to the stage in Edinburgh for the Eras tour on Friday, Are You Ready for It? The mega star's two-page handwritten quiz is soon going up for auction at Bonhams with a guide price of £3,000.

Claire Tole-Moir, Head of the Collectors' and Popular Culture departments at Bonhams, spoke to Yahoo about the Swift memorabilia going under the hammer on 12 June in Knightsbridge, London. It is expected to fetch between £2,000-£3,000.

The "in-demand" item is an early handwritten questionnaire for MIZZ magazine from 2009. Tole-Moir told Yahoo: "She was only a teenager when she wrote this and yet was already reflecting on her achievements. It shows the impressive start of her continued upward journey to mega-stardom."

She added: "The estimate is conservative yet enticing for a piece of contemporary music memorabilia. Taylor Swift is an incredibly popular artist, and so we expect there will be a great deal of interest."

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Bonhams is offering a two page questionnaire from early in Taylor Swift's career. (Bonhams)
Bonhams is offering a two page questionnaire from early in Taylor Swift's career. (Bonhams)

The collectors expert said the handwritten quiz is "insightful, funny, and charming". She added: "It gives us an honest view to Taylor Swift’s thoughts at an early point in her career." Tole-Moir gave further details on the "both hand inscribed and signed" memorabilia. She said: "Taylor has even added a caricature of herself with a guitar, making this a great handwritten piece."

In the quiz, the singer admitted she would like to be Rachel McAdams or Miranda Kerr for a day because she wondered "what it's LIKE to be that pretty". Plus, Swift revealed her biggest secret was the person Love Story was written about, saying: "I'll never tell!"

Tole-Moir revealed memorabilia connected with Swift is in high demand. She said: "Taylor Swift is one of the most in demand musicians right now. With her sell out Eras tour in full swing and her album The Tortured Poets Department taking the world by storm, it of course makes sense that the demand for memorabilia connected to her is also in high demand."

At 34 now, it would be great to know what Swift would think of her early handwritten quiz all these years later. Tole-Moir shared she thinks the singer would be "moved" to see it now. She explained: "I’d hope she would find it quite interesting to revisit those thoughts and her early successes."

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Taylor Swift performs Eras tour
Are You Ready for It? Taylor Swift has arrived in the UK. (Getty)

She elaborated: "At the end of the interview, she also expresses how much she adores her fans. I think as someone who is as supportive of her fans as they are of her, it would be moving to reflect on how much support they have given her over the years. They have been there right from the start."

The singer is taking her Eras tour to the UK where she will play in a number of places from Edinburgh to London's Wembley. It has been reported Swift will stay in a Cotswolds cottage to take time out from singing her heart out on stage.

Tole-Moir said: "The timing could not be better. With the excitement building for her landmark Eras tour coming to the UK, you cannot escape all things Taylor Swift. You might not be able to get tickets for the sell-out tour, but then you still have a chance to own a piece of Taylor Swift’s history when it comes up for auction at Bonhams in June."

Bonhams have given a guide price of £2,000 to £3,000. (Bonhams)
Bonhams have given a guide price of £2,000 to £3,000. (Bonhams)