Taylor Swift pauses performance to help distressed fan: ‘I can do this all night’

“I’m just gonna keep playing ‘til somebody helps them.”

This is Taylor Swift trying to keep her fans safe and sound.

At her Eras Tour stop in Edinburgh on Friday, the singer interrupted an acoustic performance of her Midnights track “Would’ve, Could’ve, Should’ve” to direct venue personnel toward a fan in need of assistance.

<p>Gareth Cattermole/TAS24/Getty</p> Taylor Swift performs at the Eras Tour in Edinburgh

Gareth Cattermole/TAS24/Getty

Taylor Swift performs at the Eras Tour in Edinburgh

In fan-captured videos, Swift can be seen continuously strumming her guitar as she shifts attention toward the fan in question. “We need help right in front of me please, right in front of me, just gonna keep playing until we notice where it is. Right there,” the singer gestures with her guitar. “I’m just gonna keep playing ’til somebody helps them, I’m gonna keep singing the song,”

“I don’t think anybody’s gotten to them yet, and they’re gonna, ‘cause we’re not gonna keep singing, we’re just gonna keep talking about the people that need help in front of me,” she continued. “Just let me know when. I can do this all night.”

Swift then receives word that the distressed party is effectively out of the woods. “Okay you’re good? Awesome!” the singer confirms, and proceeds to jump back into the chorus of “Would’ve, Could’ve, Should’ve.”

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<p>Gareth Cattermole/TAS24/Getty </p> Taylor Swift performs at the Eras Tour in Edinburgh

Gareth Cattermole/TAS24/Getty

Taylor Swift performs at the Eras Tour in Edinburgh

The gesture comes in the wake of another fan, 23-year-old Ana Clara Benevides Machado, who died from a heat-related illness at Swift’s show in Rio de Janeiro in November. Swift also paused her performance at that show to help fans, signaling that they needed water. "There's people that need water, right here," she said. “So whoever is in charge of giving them that, please come and make sure that that happens.”

Swift mourned Machado's death on social media. “I want to say now that I feel this loss deeply and my broken heart goes out to her family and friends,” the singer wrote. “This is the last thing I ever thought would happen when we decided to bring this tour to Brazil.”

A rep from that concert’s organizers later said, "We recognize that we could have taken some alternative actions in addition to all the others we have done” to help prevent dangerous conditions at concerts.

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Swift is one of several entertainers who have halted their performances to aid fans in the crowd.  Justin Timberlake paused his set in Austin to get help for a spectator, Adam Sandler interrupted a comedy show in San Jose in October to make sure an attendee received medical attention, Adele told security personnel to stop bothering a fan at a Las Vegas concert in August, and Monica leaped off the stage at a Detroit music festival to defend one of her fans from an assailant’s alleged attacks in July.

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