Taylor Swift spreads positivity in 1989 world tour in Singapore

Taylor Swift on her 1989 world tour in Singapore.

Nothing seems to faze Taylor Swift. Not the gossip swirling around her that’s par for the course as a pop celebrity. Not the emotional pains of her breakups.

Not when the American singer-songwriter has more pressing priorities in her life. Like taking on large corporations such as Spotify to press them for better treatment of musicians who get low royalty payments.

Like delivering a pulsating performance in front of thousands of her adoring fans at the Singapore Indoor Stadium at the first of her two sold-out gigs on Saturday (7 Nov).

Swift oozed confidence on stage. In fact, she commanded it.

When she opened the highly anticipated gig with her electro-pop single “Welcome to New York”, taken off her fifth album 1989, the venue was awash in sea of vivid images of Swift captured by mobile phones.

Accompanied by 12 male dancers gyrating in sync to her every rhythm, Swift strutted down the stage as she basked in the adulation of her fans hollering her name.

The seven-time Grammy Award winner caliberated the mood of the audience effortlessly when she sang her confessional “I Knew You Were Trouble”. Dressed aptly in a fitting two-piece black outfit, she captured the sombre yet sexy undertones of the song as smoke billowed out from the sides of the long runway.

After belting some pulsating tunes, Swift strapped on an acoustic guitar for her solo performance. Taking a trip down memory lane, she performed “You Belong With Me” as the audience hung on every word and sang harmoniously along.

Empowerment through positive messages

Using the stage to spread positive thinking, Swift interspersed her performance with messages for her fans by drawing from her experience of coping with the pressures of unrelenting limelight.

“We all have insecurities... you are not the opinion of someone who doesn’t know you or care about you... I think the sooner we can realise that, we’re closer to being happy in our lives,” she advised her fans.

Several of Swift’s closest girlfriends, like supermodels Cara Delevingne and Karlie Kloss, as well as actress Selena Gomez, echoed the similar messages of empowerment through interview clips that were beamed around the venue in between songs.

Sharing insights into Swift’s life, they spoke about the virtues of self-confidence, and forging close personal relationships.

As with any gig, a hallmark of its success is a curtain-closing number that will etch into the minds of the audience.

In a glitzy green party dress, Swift rallied the fans with the infectiously catchy “Shake It Off” to round off her musical extravaganza.

From country musician to pop singer-songwriter, the ever versatile Swift is poised to scale even further dizzying heights of stardom.