Taylor Swift Stops Mid-Song (Again) to Help Fan at Edinburgh Concert | Video

Taylor Swift stopped to help a fan mid-song while performing “Would’ve, Could’ve, Should’ve” during her show in Edinburgh on Saturday. It is unclear what emergency the fan was experiencing. Swift broke from singing and said in her microphone, “We need help right in front of me, please, right in front of me.”

“Just going to keep playing until we notice where it is,” she continued as she strummed her guitar. Swift then rotated and pointed the head of her guitar toward the fan and said, “Right there. I’m just going to keep playing until somebody helps them, I’m not going to keep singing the song.”

The fan was helped, presumably by the show’s staff, and Swift continued the song.

Unfortunately, Swift and other performers have become experts at identifying fans in crisis during their shows. In November, 23-year-old Ana Clara Benevides died of heat exhaustion ahead of Swift’s show in Brazil.


The singer has even taken to requesting help for fans in Spanish and French in recent weeks. At a May 30 show in Madrid she requested “Ayuda, por favor” and in Lyon, France, on June 3 she said “Aidez-les, s’il vous plaît” twice.

Swift’s responses drew praise online, as well as concern for fans attending these shows. One woman tweeting under the name @hantalkstaylor wrote, “obviously it’s great that Taylor is stopping the show to help people in need, but I hate that this has become normal. I’ve been to around 10 concerts last year and this happened at 8 of them.…this was not the norm pre covid.”

“Young concert fans are not hydrating or eating enough. They queue all day, then wait at the barricade through openers, then feel sick or dizzy during the headliner. It should NOT BE THIS WAY. people need to start fueling themselves for shows,” she added.

She also offered a potential solution: “I also wish they could make aisles within pits so that help could get to people quicker. If they had roped off sections within the pit, I feel like staff could reach people more easily and the artist wouldn’t be in charge of getting someone help.”

Other fans pointed out that the floor for many of Swift’s shows is general admission, so fans are worried about leaving to get food, water or to go to the restroom, because they may not be able to get their spot back.

Watch the moment in the video above.

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