‘Tech Tips’ Youtuber Linus Sebastian Steps Down as CEO of Linus Media Group

Canadian tech YouTuber Linus Sebastian announced he was stepping down Thursday as CEO at Linus Media Group, a privately held entertainment company he owns and operates with his wife. Known for his popular “Tech Tips” channel, Sebastian announced the change will take effect July 1.

His departure means he will no longer be the chief executive officer for Linus Media Group, Floatplane Media and Creator Warehouse, but he said he will assume the role of chief vision officer.

In his video announcing the structural pivot, which you can watch below, Sebastian said he wasn’t cut out for the job of CEO and “never really had the attention to detail or the temperament that it takes to run an organization this large.”

After stating that the role wasn’t the right fit for him, he announced his new CVO position. He clarified that this custom-made title encompasses more duties than a standard title like chief creative officer, as he’ll also be retaining the responsibility of keeping the company’s principles at the forefront of all operations.

Terren Tong, Sebastian’s old boss from NCIX who has held director positions at Dell and Corsair, was named the new CEO of Linus Media Group. Sebastian spoke highly of his former boss, referencing previous attempts at creating an environment where he and Tong could work together again, saying that timing as the reason such an occurrence didn’t happen even sooner. He referred to Tong as a friend and stated he was excited for what was to come.

Sebastian’s new CVO title will not stop him from appearing in front of the camera, either. He’ll still make videos and be the same public-facing YouTube personality his fans have grown to value over the years.

TheWrap reached out to Sebastian for comment.

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