Ted Cruz Dragged for ‘Bizarre and Cringe’ Beer-Fueled Tirade on Newsmax: Looks ‘Like Guy Fieri With Seasonal Affective Disorder’ (Video)

With a top Republican currently taking up just about all the attention online with four criminal indictments, it’s been awhile since Texas Sen. Ted Cruz has been the main character of social media. But he reigned supreme Thursday morning, as users ripped apart a beer-fueled rant Cruz made on Newsmax.

During his appearance on the network, Cruz can be seen in a poorly lit room, standing in front of a group of men in trucker and cowboy hats. In the clip, which you can watch below, Cruz begins by angrily saying Democrats are “trying to go after and regulate ceiling fans.” He then turns his ire to a new alcohol “guideline” for Americans.

“And now these idiots have come out and said, ‘Drink two beers a week.’ That’s their guideline,” Cruz huffed, before grabbing a bottle of beer from off-camera. “Well, I’ve got to tell you, if they want us to drink two beers a week, frankly they can kiss my ass!”

Then, in unison with the group of men behind him, Cruz took a swig from his bottle. The Newsmax host appeared to know that this choreography was coming, as he pulled out his own bottle – though he noted the beer was non-alcoholic, because he’s not allowed to drink alcohol on-air – and drank with the men who were states away.

You can probably imagine how the posts on X went from there, but we’ve rounded them up for you, just to be thorough.

“Translation: Alcoholism is all I have left and by God nobody will take that away from me,” one person joked. “I guess being outraged by a suggestion is what passes for GOP leadership.”

Indeed, the guideline that Cruz and other conservatives are outraged over this week is not actually a mandate, or even a hard and fast rule. It’s simply a suggestion, and many X users spelled that out in their mockery.

The suggestion stems from an interview Dr. George Koob, the director of the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, did with DailyMail.com.

During the conversation, he noted that when the current alcohol guidelines are reassessed two years from now, he wouldn’t be surprised if they were lowered to match Canada’s recommendations, where people are advised to have just two drinks per week.

But again, these guidelines in the US aren’t up for review until 2025. And, if they were to be changed, it would be recommendations for consumption, not actual laws put in place. So no, the Biden administration and fellow Democrats are not suddenly banning beers.

Several users roasted Cruz for attempting to look like a “tough guy” in the segment, but instead churning out “the corniest s— I’ve ever seen.”

You can check out more reactions to Cruz’s rant below.

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