The Apprentice winner gutted as thieves steal £3k of equipment

Marnie Swindells tells Yahoo of her shock at break in at her boxing gym

The Apprentice winner Marnie Swindells gutted as thieves steal £3k of equipment
The Apprentice winner Marnie Swindells gutted as thieves steal £3k of equipment. (Getty)

The Apprentice's 2023 winner Marnie Swindells told Yahoo of her devastation that thieves stole £3,000 worth of equipment at her boxing gym in London. Marnie Swindells, 29, won Lord Alan Sugar's £250,000 investment after winning The Apprentice last year. Lord Alan Sugar gave his support to his business partner when she suffered a blow as thieves targeted her Bronx Boxing Club.

She told Yahoo News: "I was under huge personal and financial pressure to open my gym expansion and it was set for January 2024, but then it kept getting pushed back until finally we were ready in April to open. Then a week before the launch date we were broken into, and £3000 worth of equipment was stolen - the feeling I got in the pit of my stomach was awful."

After discovering the break in, Swindells reported the incident to the police and she had to get forensic testing done. Yahoo News has reached out to The Metropolitan police for further comment.

Bronx Owner, Marnie Swindells trains with Matty Harris at Bronx Boxing Gym
Bronx Owner, Marnie Swindells trains with Matty Harris at Bronx Boxing Gym. (Getty)

Swindells also had to let Lord Alan Sugar know the bad news at 7.30am. She was met with a warm response from Lord Sugar who told her: "I know there's been a setback, but the gym is looking good and I wish you all the best with the launch." The Apprentice winner said she was grateful for his support and investment in her.

This past year has been incredibly hard work for Swindells and the break in isn't the only set back she has faced along the way. She explained: "This last year since winning The Apprentice has been tough. It's not all red carpets, glitz and glamour - it's been hard work every single day to bring my vision for the Bronx to life and some of the setbacks I have faced have been devastating.

"But Lord Sugar and his team have always been on hand to support and inspire me and I couldn't be more thankful. Lord Sugar took a chance on me and to see my vision come to fruition has been overwhelming at times."

Lord Sugar shared his support to Marnie Swindells
Lord Sugar shared his support to Marnie Swindells. (BBC)

When the break in happened, it was only a week until the launch of the boxing gym's expansion. Swindells was left asking herself how do they get back on their feet and how could they get themselves ready in time? "It was really devastating," she said. "Of course it makes you think about the security of the business and that is something I am constantly assessing."

However, Swindells turned it around in time and the launch went ahead as planned and it was "unbelievable". She said: "The launch was an unbelievable night. I was really humbled by how many people showed up to support me."

She added: "I was obviously nervous about launching the expansion of the gym to my members and the press and worried about how it would be received because, at the end of the day, it's the members who the gym is for, and if they didn't like it, what would I do? But at the launch, I had so many unreal comments - I knew it was worth the stress and daily pressure I was under for the past year."

The Met Police shared a statement with Yahoo saying: "We were called to the premises at 08:59hrs on Thursday, 18 April. The premises were broken into overnight and the suspect(s) forced entry and stole a number of items from inside.

"Officers have carried out a number of enquiries at the scene including forensics and visual examinations. DNA analysis and fingerprint submissions were made.

"Police are keen to hear from anyone who may have any information that might help with the investigation. Please call 101, ref 1656/18Apr24. To remain anonymous, please contact Crimestoppers.

"There have been no injuries. No arrests have been made."

Rachel Woolford winner of the latest series of the BBC programme The Apprentice
Rachel Woolford winner of the latest series of the BBC programme The Apprentice. (Getty)

This year's The Apprentice winner Rachel Woolford showed her support for Swindells too as she joined in the celebrations. Swindells was delighted to have her there by her side and she ruled out there being any competition between them.

She said: "It was so nice to have her support. I only actually met Rachel at my launch party last night, and she is literally one of the nicest people I have ever met. I don't see her as a competition; our gyms are entirely different and in different parts of the country.

"I sent her a message of support when she won and let her know that I'm here if she ever needs anything and that we are in this together. Who knows maybe a collaboration could even be on the cards."

Earlier in April, Swindells admitted she didn't think she was going to win The Apprentice because of an unaired scene. "Honestly I was in absolute shock. In my gut, I really didn't think it had gone my way. So when he said that it was me, I was just totally overwhelmed," she told OK! magazine.

"What you don't see in the edit of that final boardroom is me having a slight meltdown. Up until that point, I feel like I'd been fairly cool, calm, collected and composed. In that final boardroom, I just put it all on the line and pulled my heart out to Lord Sugar.

"At that point I thought I've gone too far and said too much and this is, this isn't gonna go my way."