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The Chase Bliss Mood MK1 delay pedal is 30 percent off while supplies last

It now costs $245 instead of $350.

Chase Bliss

The Chase Bliss MOOD MK1 micro-looper and delay pedal is now available for $245, which is a 30 percent cut from the original price of $350. The deal is available through music gear marketplace Reverb and directly from Chase Bliss and is only active “while supplies last." New Chase Bliss pedals and musical doodads rarely go on sale, and Chase Bliss is offering free shipping, so this is a big one.

For the uninitiated, the MOOD MK1 has been one of the most popular delay pedals since originally launching in 2019, though it was discontinued after this year's launch of the MK2. The MK1, however, is no slouch, with two channels of granular delay along with the ability to bounce audio back and forth between each channel to create unique and evolving soundscapes.

You can also run loops through delay-powered effects and overdub additional content whenever you want. This is a modern pedal, so expect full MIDI implementation, dip-switches and the ability to both create and recall presets. The MK2 tidies up the sound a bit and implements some unique customization options, but it also costs $400, which likely accounts for the MK1 still sitting at number four on Reverb’s top seller’s list for pedals.

Chase Bliss specializes in delay-adjacent pedals with similar design layouts and plenty of bells and whistles. We reviewed the Chase Bliss Habit last year and called the hardware a “step ahead of the competition." The Mood MK1 is similarly well-regarded, so if you’ve been on the fence about picking one up, head on down to Reverb and take a gander.

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