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‘The Jinx: Part Two’ — Everything you need to know about the true crime series

(Courtesy of HBO)
Robert Durst's story continues to unfold this weekend with the premiere of 'The Jinx: Part Two' (Courtesy of HBO)

When The Jinx: The Life and Deaths of Robert Durst came out back in 2015, it shocked the world — and resulted in the arrest of the docuseries’ subject. Now, Andrew Jarecki’s true crime series is back in The Jinx: Part Two. While there aren’t any new interviews with the late Robert Durst to pore over, the new episodes will include interviews with new subjects, previously hidden materials related to the Durst case and some of Durst’s phone calls from prison. Are you ready to revisit The Life and Deaths of Robert Durst? Here’s everything you need to know about how to watch The Jinx: Part Two.

After its first season premiered in 2015, a new batch of episodes in The Jinx true crime saga about Robert Durst premiered this past Sunday, Apr. 21, 2024. New episodes will drop weekly every Sunday through May 26.

Like its predecessor, The Jinx: Part Two will air on HBO and stream exclusively on HBO’s Max.

Max is the streaming home of plenty of true crime and docuseries content, like The Jinx (Part One and Two), Brandy Hellville & the Cult of Fast Fashion and Quiet On Set: The Dark Side Of Kids TV. But it’s also a great platform to have if you want to watch Oscar-winning movies, buzzy TV series like House of the Dragon and The White Lotus and even some sports, like select NBA playoff games.

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There will be six episodes in The Jinx: Part Two.

While Durst himself is not interviewed in Part Two (Durst died in 2022), the second season of this whirlwind true crime series features new interviews, previously hidden materials, footage from Durst’s most-recent murder trial and Durst’s recorded phone calls from prison.

In case you missed The Jinx when it initially premiered back in 2015 and don’t have time to catch up, the true crime docu series investigates a series of murders surrounding one figure: multimillionaire and New York real estate heir Robert Durst. Durst was a suspect in two murders of those close to him, and confessed to a third murder but pled self defense and was acquitted by a jury.

If you’ve seen any true crime before, you may be thinking to yourself that this one sounds just like the rest of them. The biggest difference with The Jinx? *Spoiler Alert* In the final episode, Jarecki gets Durst’s confession to all three murders on tape. In real time, Durst was arrested for the murders the day before the final episode of the series aired.

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Ryan Gosling and Robert Durst share an interesting connection. The docuseries’ origins can be traced back to The Jinx director, Andrew Jarecki’s 2010 film All Good Things, which was inspired by Robert Durst’s story and — you guessed it — starred Ryan Gosling (and Kirsten Dunst). After watching the film, Durst decided he was ready to sit down for his very first press interview — with Jarecki himself. What turned into a 20-hour-long conversation between Durst and Jarecki serves as the basis for the docuseries.

You can stream All Good Things on Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, Peacock or for free on Vudu.

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