Current And Former Theme Park Workers, Tell Us What Most People Would Be Surprised To Learn About Your Job

As a former theme park employee, I know firsthand just how wild the job can be. I can't exactly divulge some of the ~surprising~ things that I learned on the job, but I'd love to hear from my fellow former theme park employees via this anonymous Google form!

For example, maybe you spent a summer slinging pretzels at a snack cart, and folks would be surprised to learn they can get the same treats for way less at their local big box store.

  Nycshooter / Getty Images
Nycshooter / Getty Images

Or perhaps you worked for a very famous theme park and were shocked to learn about how different the experience is for rich and famous guests.

Ariana Grande kisses Mickey Mouse in front of a castle at Disney World. Ariana wears an off-shoulder top and Minnie Mouse ears. Mickey is in a suit with a bow tie
Handout / Getty Images

Or maybe you were employed by a unique local amusement park with some super interesting lore, like a haunted carousel.

A woman in a plaid shirt and solid skirt happily rides a carousel horse on a brightly lit, ornate merry-go-round
Elizaveta Starkova / Getty Images

So, current and former theme park employees, what's the most shocking secret you learned on the job? Share your answers in the comments or in this anonymous Google form, and they may be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post!