'There is no OG without Red Bull,' says CEO JMR Luna of company's relationship with org

JMR Luna stands with a can of Red Bull and OG at ESL One Malaysia 2022
JMR Luna spoke about OG's relationship with the Red Bull brand. (Photos: Yahoo Esports SEA)

You may have seen the Red Bull logo prominently displayed on OG's logo, but the company known for its energy drink has no stake in the two-time TI-winning esports organisation.

OG's CEO, JMR Luna, told Yahoo Esports SEA that the inclusion of the logo is because Red Bull is part of the OG family, and that it has no ownership in OG.

"I think that we are the only team in sports esports or anything that has this, 'cos Red Bull only puts their logo in companies that they own," said Luna.

"We've always seen Red Bull as part of the family, and they're our brothers and there is no OG without Red Bull."

Luna further elaborated that Red Bull was there for OG even before they got big, and that the esports organisation has a very unique relationship with the brand.

That's reflected in how that OG gets support from Red Bull in "every single thing that" they've wanted to do.

Take for example, the OG Monkey Business podcast.

Luna said when they wanted to do the show, they had no idea how to get it done. So he asked Red Bull for help, and Red Bull told them that the company had a content studio called the Red Bull Gaming Sphere Stockholm, and told OG to just go there and everything would be set up for them.

Another thing that the OG Red Bull partnership has going for them is the storytelling aspect, which Luna, with his background as a Netflix producer and Head of Content at while at Evil Geniuses, could now as OG's CEO tap on.

"I think that in a way, Red Bull is a storytelling company and the past CEO of Red Bull, he's been a storyteller and a marketer. So they have been actively telling the stories in many different games and many different things," said Luna.

"The brotherhood that we built with them was based on the storytelling and the legend of OG, and they have been vital to figure out how to tell that story."

Lastly, Luna teased an upcoming new Red Bull OG documentary. He did not reveal dates, but it's likely to be as well received as the first documentary, Against the Odds.

Released three years ago, the 2-hour long movie currently has 6.3 million views.

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