These are the top 5 traits single Singaporeans seek in partners, according to a dating agency

Women show a stronger inclination for educated partners, a preference less pronounced among men.

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What are the traits single Singaporeans are looking for in a partner? GaiGai, a leading Singapore offline dating firm, delved into the intricacies of singles' partner preferences. (Photo: Getty Images)

Going on a first date can sometimes be a nerve-wracking affair, especially if it's with someone you're meeting for the first time. Whether or not there's a connection aside, it can feel like there are a thousand and one things you have to look out for in the search for a relationship partner.

Fortunately for those who might be wondering how to get a second or even third date (and beyond), one of Singapore’s prominent offline dating firms recently revealed insights into the relationship landscape in the city-state, shedding light on single Singaporeans' preferences.

Using a diverse pool of singles drawn from their clientele, dating agency GaiGai identified the five most sought-after traits from Singaporeans' partner preferences.

The five traits Singaporeans look out for in a partner

High income: Financial stability emerged as the top priority, underscoring the practical approach individuals take towards relationships in today's economic climate.

Pleasant looks: Aesthetics continue to wield considerable influence during the initial stages of attraction, emphasising the significance of pleasant looks.

Interesting soul: Individuals with an adventurous spirit and open to new experiences are highly sought-after.

Communicative: The ability to engage in meaningful conversations ranks high among desired traits in fostering relationships.

Non-smoker: The preference for non-smokers emerged as a notable criterion, indicative of a health-conscious approach to lifestyle habits.

Woman want partners with degrees

When diving deeper into the data, GaiGai also found that women exhibit a stronger inclination towards partners holding at least a bachelor's degree, a preference less pronounced among men.

The data, collected from GaiGai’s 2023 client interactions, reflects the preferences of singles from the age group of 21 to 55 years and above. These were extracted during client profiling and matchmaking processes, GaiGai said.

GaiGai officials also offered some insights into the findings' significance.

"Singaporeans still prize financial stability, which echoes a pragmatic approach to finding a partner in today's economic landscape." Alex Tam, founder and CEO of GaiGai, told Yahoo Southeast Asia in an email response. "Yet, the desire for an 'interesting soul' points to an evolving appreciation for personality and shared experiences, which is equally crucial in a fulfilling relationship."

Tam also said the data highlighted "a fascinating blend of traditional values and modern expectations".

And concerning the indication about women favouring partners with a degree, Sharon Ng, Country Head for GaiGai, said that reflected a broader trend, where "intellectual compatibility and ambition are highly valued".

"Education often correlates with shared values, life goals, and socio-economic aspirations, which are critical components for long-term partnership success," Ng said in an email response.

"It’s not just about the degree but what it represents in terms of life experience and worldview alignment.”

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