About Those Confusing Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck Divorce Rumors

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Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are dealing with a sudden round of breakup rumors that—much like the film Gigli—have left everyone shocked and confused. Between reports claiming they're no longer living together, paparazzi pics of them looking perfectly happy, J.Lo's sudden tour cancelation (more on that below), and blurry images of Ben without his wedding ring, we are living through uncertain times. So naturally, we've gathered all the available info in one place to make sense of it.

Sources Claim Ben and Jen Are Living Apart

This has been confirmed by multiple sources and in multiple outlets. First, TMZ reported on May 16 that Ben has been staying at a Brentwood home all by himself. This was confirmed by Us Weekly later that same day, and then on May 19, an Entertainment Tonight source claimed "they have been staying in separate homes and the tension has been high."

On May 28, an Us Weekly source said they communicate "primarily to discuss essential matters and updates." And more recently on June 28, People reported that Ben was "moving his belongings" out of their home.

J.Lo Is Still Wearing Her Ring

Here she is on May 17 (divorce headlines were dominating the news cycle at this point) visibly wearing her ring in front of paparazzi photographers while smiling.

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She's also been wearing it at events for her new movie Atlas:

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And in the Hamptons on July 4th:

But Ben Has Been Spotted Without His Ring

Ben was seen without his ring on May 17 (the same day this first photo of Jen ^^ was taken) in images published by TMZ. However, his ring was back on its finger just two days later on May 19.

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However, People reports that on July 10, Ben was spotted without his ring as he pulled up to his office in LA. The news came after the pair spent the 4th of July separately, which seems 😬.

J.Lo Canceled Her Entire Tour Amid the Rumors

On May 31, Jen announced that she was canceling her entire This Is Me...Live tour because she is "taking time off to be with her children, family and close friends."

Writing about the decision to scratch the tour, the singer wrote "I am completely heartsick and devastated about letting you down. Please know that I wouldn’t do this if I didn’t feel that it was absolutely necessary. I promise I will make it up to you and we will all be together again. I love you all so much. Until next time…"

They're Officially Selling Their House

The pair publicly listed their home for sale despite Jen's wishes to do so under the radar. According to TMZ, their asking price is $68 million, which could potentially be a loss due to the amount of work and renovations they put into it. Per the listing, the property was "recently renovated with the highest level of quality within the last 4 months and nestled in one of Beverly Hills's most exclusive and secure enclaves." The description also notes that "privacy and security are unrivaled" and that the "estate is accessible only through private, gated streets."

A source dished to Us Weekly that Jennifer is allegedly "distraught" by the situation, saying, "She wants to sell their house off-market to try and get less attention surrounding it. Ben doesn’t care about the negative attention. He’s been through this before and it doesn’t faze him." The source also revealed that Bennifer "can’t get on the same page [and] have been discussing divorce as an option."

Back in June, TMZ reported that the couple was "quietly" trying to sell their $60 million home. An insider told Entertainment Tonight, "Jen is touring houses and shopping around for her own home. She has been leaning on her mom, sisters, and kids during this transitional period."

FYI: This All Started in the Tabloids

Rumors about Ben and Jen kicked off thanks to a tabloid report from InTouch on May 15. They spoke to an "insider" who said, "The writing is on the wall–it’s over. They’re headed for a divorce–and for once, [Ben’s] not to blame!"

This insider also claimed the couple "never stop loving each other, but she can’t control him, and he can’t change her."

They're on Two "Different Pages"

Sources have remained cryptic about why Jen and Ben are having marriage problems. Us Weekly spoke to someone back in May who said "They started having issues a few months ago as Jen had started ramping up work commitments and prepping for her tour. Jen is very focused on work. They are on two completely different pages most of the time."

A source also told People at the time that the couple "did not celebrate Mother's Day together," while another Us Weekly insider said finances and parenting "have exacerbated" their issues.

Meanwhile, an Entertainment Tonight insider said "Ben feels like Jen has a hard time feeling satisfied and that's one of the issues they're facing. Ben is one of the only people who feels comfortable enough to be honest and real with Jen. It's part of why Jen loves him, but also why she's upset with him."

Jennifer Liked a Post About Unhealthy Relationships

The post in question (from March 19) read "You cannot build a healthy relationship with somebody" who "lacks integrity and emotional safety," "doesn’t respect your time, doesn't think it's important to call/text back in a respectable time frame," "lacks effective communication skills," and "doesn't know who they are or what they want."

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As of June 2024, They Were Not Planning to Divorce

A source told Entertainment Tonight on May 19 that "Jen and Ben's relationship is not over yet." More recently on June 6, a source told Daily Mail that the Atlas star remained committed to saving their marriage:

"She wants this marriage to work so much that she is willing to make any sacrifice including giving up being J.Lo. She doesn't want to be divorced. She doesn't want to end up like Madonna—on her own at 60."

That said, Page Six reported on June 1 that the marriage is "over" and that J.Lo and Ben have been "apart" since March. The outlet also reported that Jennifer is still "smitten" with Ben and views him as the love of her life.

Jennifer Garner Is Rooting for Them

A source spoke to Us Weekly about Jennifer's thoughts on all the Bennifer divorce rumors, and said "Jennifer Garner is encouraging Ben to work on his marriage to Jen. She fully supports their relationship and wants nothing more than for him to be happy."

More recently, a Daily Mail source said “Jen eventually got to a place where she was like, 'Sorry, figure this out yourself.' It was beginning to become too painful for her because it was bringing back so many memories of their divorce.”

A Reporter Straight Up Asked J.Lo about the Divorce Rumors

During a press event for her new film Atlas, J.Lo was legit asked, "Is your divorce with Ben Affleck real?"

Her response? "You know better than that." Yiiiiiikes.

They Recently Reunited for a Family Event

Ben and Jen were spotted together in Los Angeles on Thursday, May 30 while heading to an event for Violet Affleck's high school graduation. Ben's mom, Chris Anne Boldt, was also in tow and walked behind the pair.

FYI, the sighting was the first time the celebs were snapped together since May 19 when they were seen outside the Aero Theatre in Santa Monica, California.

J.Lo Is Doing Her Own Thing as of Late

In late June, the musician took a much-needed break (sans Ben) and went on a gorge vacation that involved a boat in Italy before she pulled up to Paris Fashion Week. "Jen loves vacationing in Europe during the summer," a source told Entertainment Tonight about the break, adding, "It's been nice for her to experience a change of pace and have some breathing room. She has been having a blast with her friends. They love to go to fun dinners, have late nights, lay out in the sun, get dressed up, dance, and shop."

"That's never really been Ben’s scene, even when him and Jen weren't having any issues," ET's insider added. "Jen isn't letting the fact that Ben's not there bring her down."

J.Lo's Family Want Her to File for Divorce

According to a Daily Mail source, the singer's mom, Guadalupe Rodríguez told her, "Cut your losses and move on to avoid getting any deeper in this mess."

"She told her that she's wasted years believing that Ben was some kind of knight in shining armor," the source said. "He was not the person she built him up to be. It's taken too much of a toll on her and because of this she has lost sight of who she is and what she stands for."

Meanwhile, J.Lo's sisters "want her to file for divorce first and get on with her life–focus on her kids and career."

They Didn’t Spend July 4th Together...or Their Anni

Per reporting by People, a source close to J.Lo revealed the musician spent the holiday "with family and friends" in the Hamptons in New York, a place she "always enjoys." "She seems fine," the insider added.

Ben, on the other hand, was reportedly in Los Angeles, where he visited his office and spent time with his three children according to another source.

The couple also spent their second wedding anniversary apart, but J.Lo was joined by Ben's daughter Violet:

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According to a source who spoke to Entertainment Tonight, J.Lo and Violet "have gotten close throughout Jen and Ben's relationship, and maintaining that closeness is important to everyone."

"Ben certainly doesn't want to cause any strain between Jen and Violet, and he is in support of them spending time together," the source added. "It's a little tricky for him, but both Jen and Ben want all their kids to be happy, regardless of the issues they are facing in their marriage."

We'll keep you updated with the latest on Ben and Jen's relationship.

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