Tibetan activists protest outside China's UK embassy on International Day of the Disappeared

Tibetan activist groups protest outside the Chinese Embassy in London on Tuesday
Tibetan activist groups protest outside the Chinese Embassy in London on Tuesday

London [UK], August 31 (ANI): Tibetan activist groups in the UK observed the International Day of the Disappeared in London on Tuesday by raising slogans outside the Chinese Embassy to 'Release Political Prisoners'.

London-based Free Tibet, Global Alliance for Tibet and Persecuted Minorities (GATPM) supported by the Tibetan Community UK and International Tibet Network organised a protest outside the Chinese Embassy to mark the day.

A vigil was held for Rinchen Kyi, a Tibetan teacher who was arrested on August 1 this year and is now missing. Weeks before Rinchen's arrest, her school in eastern Tibet was forced to close down.

Members of the Tibetan Community in London and their supporters chanted "Release Rinchen Kyi", "Release the Political Prisoners", "Tibetan Culture - in Tibet", "Free Tibet", and "China Out of Tibet".

Representatives from Free Tibet and Students for a Free Tibet addressed the gathering and condemned China's ongoing assaults on Tibetan people, their language and culture. The protest ended with the recitation of Buddhist prayer - "The Prayer of Truth" and the Tibetan National Anthem.

The vigil was held from 6 pm to 8 pm outside the Chinese Embassy in London.

Tsering Passang from the GATPM also joined this protest.

In a matter of months, China is set to host the prestigious Winter Olympic Games and will use the opportunity to gloss over its violent occupation of Tibet, wide-scale human rights abuses, and the deaths and disappearance of innocent Tibetans.

Join the growing call for governments to boycott the Beijing 2022 Olympics; anything less will be seen as support for the Chinese government's brutal occupation of Tibet and blatant disregard for human rights, GATPM said.

Tibet was invaded soon after the CCP came to power on October 1, 1949. Over 1.2 million Tibetans died as a direct result of China's illegal occupation of Tibet. His Holiness the Dalai Lama escaped Tibet and came into exile in India in 1959 where the Tibetan Spiritual Leader is currently based. Over 1,50,000 Tibetans are scattered across some 25 countries worldwide with the majority of them in India where the Central Tibetan Administration is based (aka Tibetan Government-in-Exile), GATPM added. (ANI)